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If you're a fan of Eli Roth's brand of movies then you should know what you're getting into with The Green Inferno. If you are not familiar with Eli Roth, buckle up and get ready for one hell of a ride! The Green Inferno is a shock-fest of gore and holy [email protected]*T moments that will lock you in.

Shot in a real life Amazon village, The Green Inferno (opening September 25th) will immerse you fully once it gets going. It is most certainly NOT boring! Filled with everything from laugh-out-loud moments to shocking, "Oh, my God-no holy way!" scenes, this movie blows away all other cannibal movies that came before.

The story follows of a group of college environmental activists who take a trip to the jungle trying to make a difference, but instead find themselves in the clutches of cannibal savages after crashing near their village. What transpires after is definitely not for the squeamish.

The Green Inferno will fill you with anxiety and dread for the characters, as well as the cast that played them, a brave group that endured the difficulties of shooting a movie in the hot and humid jungle. Eli Roth took this project deep into the wild and utilized the real-life inhabitants of a remote village that time forgot. This method ensures a level of authenticity that will incite serious doubts the next time you want to visit Chile or Peru.

On a fear level, cannibals trump zombies and vampires for the simple fact that they really do exist - it's incredibly rare now, but there are still a few last surviving tribes, like the Korowai in Papua New Guinea, that still practice the ritual.

The Green Inferno will challenge your intestinal fortitude as only Eli Roth can do. This movie makes his Hostel movies seem soft. There were moments during the screening of this movie (thanks Moviepilot!) where I was absolutely speechless. Words cannot describe the shock and uneasiness you feel during the film and after.

Lastly, I want to thank Moviepilot for the opportunity. Joined with two fellow creators, we were blessed to have met Eli Roth-who was there for the screening with stars Lorenza Izzo and Ariel Levy. We got autographed posters and were treated to a pre-screening intro by Eli himself, who shared some very funny experiences with the crowd. Thanks again MP!

The Green Inferno, directed by Eli Roth, opens nationwide September 25.

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