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Thanks to Heroic Hollywood and Tracking Board, we are now being introduced to the rumor that both Blue Beetle and Booster Gold will be making their big screen debuts alongside Henry Cavill's Superman, Ben Affleck's Batman, and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman. Within the same rumor, we hear that Greg Berlanti will be producing and directing and that this movie will have a bit of a buddy-cop feel to it. The report also claims that this movie will be very comedic and serve as a way to shake up the overall tone of the DCEU. With all things considered, the actors selected for both of these roles will have to fit the bill perfectly!

Blue Beetle

Jason Sudeikis

I know that Jason Sudeikis isn't exactly the best actor in the world, however his comedic sensibilities have carried him throughout his career. We know that he is very funny and is able to perform alongside huge name actors thanks to his days on SNL. Along with his this, we know Sudeikis can work off of others extremely well. Most of the skits on SNL require you to riff with other comedians and create a believable rapport with the character you're inhabiting. We've also seen him play the straight man in skits which would help him react to the more serious situations that would surely arise in a DC film. Sudeikis also has a great build and remains in great shape. Despite being a hilarious comedian, he has the look of a superhero.

Lee Pace

A huge name in nerd culture, Lee Pace is an extremely competent actor. We've seen him play innocent, vicious, vengeful, and funny. Considering that Blue Beetle is still a hero at the end of the day and must make life and death decisions, Pace has the range necessary to portray him. Knowing how eccentric, funny, and damaged Blue Beetle can be, Lee Pace would serve as a great choice to bring out these characteristics. In terms of his physicality, he looks rather nerdy, but has shown us he can perform great physical stunts. Ted Kord is a genius/nerd who also acts as a crime-fighter so the match up is spot on.

John Krasinski

Being a big buff guy would really help John Krasinski fit in with the other cast members of the Justice League, but he also fits the personality of Ted Kord. He has shown to be very funny in The Office with his dry humor and occasional smile. We are just seeing his physical capabilities in film with the upcoming 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. During his time on The Office, we saw him work incredibly well among that ensemble so I think he could use that to create relationships with the other heroes in the DCEU. Also, Krasinski just seems like a star who hasn't found his big-screen breakthrough. He certainly has all the qualifications, and perhaps Blue Beetle could be the vessel in which he shines and finds that success.

Booster Gold

James Marsden

Many of us nerds remember James Marsden as the third-wheel Cyclops from the X-Men movies. Despite those films neutering Cyclops as a character, they also didn't let Mardsen shine as the hilarious actor he is. We know he brings gravitas to each character which is pertinent for Booster's persona, but he is also gut-wrenchingly funny. If you haven't seen Anchorman 2, he is one of the funniest parts of that entire movie (filled with actual comedians mind you). A lot like Krasinski, Marsden seems like someone that should be a superstar but has yet to hold onto a role that defines him as well as makes him a house-hold name. Perhaps Booster Gold could be the role that not only projects him into stardom, but also let's him show all facets of his acting abilities.

Neil Patrick Harris

NPH has been making us laugh for years with various roles, but most notably as Barney on How I Met Your Mother. Much like Booster, NPH is sarcastic, quick-witted, and narcissistic (in the best way possible). I just feel like this would be such an easy fit for NPH to just slip right into even though he isn't the biggest guy in terms of superhero statures. I think if he were to beef up just a bit, he would be an incalculable asset to the DCEU thanks to his electric personality and comedic abilities. Just look at this picture! Give him a mask and he is already Booster!

Nathan Fillion (Obviously!)

Just look at that smirk! Nathan Fillion screams Booster Gold! He is the quintessential choice for the character. Fillion has a personality that would fit so organically with what Booster requires that it would honestly feel like the comic version of the character was coming to life. He is 6' 2" and has a strong jaw that would be perfect for Booster's picturesque look as well as wavy locks. Despite not having blonde hair (an easy fix, and unessential part of the character) Nathan Fillion embodies every aspect of the character. Now some might note that he is 44 years old and perhaps a bit to aged to be starting a franchise with, but I would argue that a passing up a talent like Nathan Fillion for a role he was born to play far outweighs the work of make-up and character age. Plus, if you haven't seen the video already, he has expressed a great desire to take the character on. Look below!

The Verdict

I'm still reeling from the rumor that we could be even getting this film in the first place! Hopefully the stories are true and this wildly hilarious buddy-cop film with Blue Beetle and Booster Gold will be coming our way soon enough. Just like with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc. the casting must be spot on for both of these characters. Regardless of them being less iconic as the big 7, their film will solely rely off the actors abilities' to balance all of the complicated facets of these characters while still making us laugh. Please let me know what you thought of my casting choices and be sure to let me know who you'd choose in the comments below! Thanks for reading!


Which duo is your top pick from this list?


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