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Ermias Baraki

Ik ik this is not new, or a block buster movie. Its kinda like a flash back Friday film review. I rated it 10/10 and I've watched it like hundred times already, why? Cause it's fu***ng awesome!! Am not here to hype it up and y'all might not find it like you expected it to be when y'all watch it later (If you haven't so). The trailer is okay but I would say watch the movie first then watch the trailer :P So you know the movie is actually better than the trailer. If that made sense, LOL

Synopsis: Solomon (James Purefoy) must renounce his newly taken vows of peace to rescue a young woman (Rachel Hurd-Wood) from an evil sorcerer (Jason Flemyng)

Genre: fantasy-adventure

Here, we see Solomon Kane go toe to toe with the Devil's reaper, wut?!! :O Ik, its fu***ng bad a$$!!!!

am a big fan of the comics and this is the best, most faithful, accurate adaption we all wanted to see. James Purefoy played the legendary anti-hero SOLOMON KANE so well , all of the cast works well too, the action is fu**ng epic!!

They really did a good job on coordinating the fights, since I my self am a "stunt man" and enjoy "THE MAKING OF" fight scenes here's a short clip....

This is my first post n hope y'all enjoyed it. If ya did share tf out of it also make sure y'all follow me :)


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