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This may be the most difficult day yet, for a few reasons. The obvious choices are so clear they're not worth mentioning. This year has been a great year for remastered editions, with Halo and Gears of War both receiving that treatment. And after a lifetime of hoping, and several successful trolling efforts, Battlefront and Fallout both have sequels dropping this year (Wait... 3 reasons... that can only mean one thing...). So, since gaming companies have done a frustratingly good job of listening to their customers, I'll have to dig a bit deeper on this one.

After about an hour of searching and considering my options, I've made my decision. Regardless of your opinions on any other game, we all know the one game that needs a re-release more than any other.

No better gameplay exists.
No better gameplay exists.

Superman 64 is the Mona Lisa of game design. Disagree? You're wrong. Look at the intricate detail in the city, and symbolic purple background. And have you ever seen a gradated meter as beautiful as the one that graces the left side of the screen? No, you haven't. How do I know? There isn't any that even come close. People will tell you that the Arkham games are the best superhero games ever made. Those people should be tossed in a cell next to the Joker. If you thought this game was bad because you couldn't fly Superman through the Divine Rings of Perfection, you should give up gaming and take up something easier, like Play Doh. The fact that this hasn't been re-released yet is a disgusting travesty and is probably EA's fault.

In short, re-release it. No editing, no changes, just a pure, perfect port of the Holy Grail of gaming.


But really though, get on with the Injustice sequel, we've waited too long already.


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