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We met her at the Dalek Asylum and saw her again in the 2012 Christmas Special: ''The Snowmen''. She's been the companion of the 11th and 12th Doctor and we love her. She's our impossible girl. Unfortunately, Jenna Coleman aka Clara Oswald will leave Doctor Who later on series 9.

According to the official Doctor Who Website:

It’s been officially confirmed that Jenna Coleman, who plays Clara Oswald, will leave Doctor Who during the new series which starts tomorrow, Saturday 19 September.

I'm gonna miss her. She was truly amazing! But wait! How will she gone? Why?

But Series 9 sees the Impossible Girl’s departure although the how, why and when are all questions we’ll have to watch the new adventures to find out…

Well, I guess we have to wait to find out all that! Jenna, thank you for everything!

Don't forget that Doctor Who is back tomorrow with the episode ''The Magician's Apprentice'' and the amazing Series 9. Watch the awesome trailer here:


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