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In a completely weird and wonderful turn of events, Christmas came early for the viewers of the Home Shopping Network last night when Jessica Simpson arrived on set. Scheduled for a two-hour appearance, the singer-come-actress-come-designer was booked to sell and promote her fashion collection, what was not banked on however, was her turning up seeming totally three sheets to the wind.

During her lengthy sell-a-thon, the Dukes of Hazzard stars method of trading became increasingly bizarre, with her slurring, giggling and spewing hilarious statements throughout, such as:

Totally perplexing viewers, the 35 year old mother-of-two seemed unable to 'hold her head up' and repeatedly wandered off set unannounced before suddenly reappearing.

Although this unexpected treat for the audience has been deemed a total 'car crash', her sales tactic was a potentially golden maneuver as apparently people were so entertained they 'bailed on the Broncos game' and she almost sold out her merchandise.

Watch her awkwardly explaining the sexiness of the color grey here:


Source: TMZ & The Daily Mail


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