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When you're dealing with a series of books like Harry Potter you better know your stuff, because if not there's a whole fandom out there ready to correct you. Unfortunately Colorado-based bookseller, Juniper Books recently learned this the hard way when they had to reprint a special set of Hogwarts House themed books.

The company had redesigned the covers of the 7-book series and offered Potter fans a Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin themed set for sale. However it wasn't long before fans noticed a mistake with one of the covers. Can you spot what it was?

Juniper Books
Juniper Books

Yep that's right, it was with the Ravenclaw set. Despite Ravenclaw house typically being home to those who value intelligence and wisdom, neither was shown when Juniper Books accidentally decorated the cover with a raven, instead of the correct mascot, an eagle.

The somewhat understandable gaffe was picked up by fans some time ago, however Juniper Books weren't aware until fans started contacted the company following a tweet J.K. Rowling sent out about Harry Potter's son attending his first year of Hogwarts:

The Ravenclaw set has now been redesigned, with Juniper Books founder Thatcher Wine telling Time:

Our Ravenclaw design has a raven in it, and for the first time I’ve received complaints that [fans] wanted to see an eagle in it because that’s the house mascot. We are going to contact everyone who ordered Ravenclaw that we haven’t shipped yet and confirm they want the new design as well.

Check out the newly designed set, complete with eagle below:

Juniper Books
Juniper Books

According to Wine, the Ravenclaw collection of books is the second most popular choice, with Gryffindor firmly in first place. While Hufflepuff was the worst selling, after the announcement that we're entering the dawn of the Age of the Hufflepuff, sales have picked up.

At $275 for a full set of seven books, the Juniper Books redesign isn't cheap, but for some Potter maniacs they're must haves, and now with the corrected Ravenclaw mascot they're bound to become even more popular.

But these Hogwarts-house-themed sets are not the only redesigns the series has had since the first book was released back in 1997, check out some other interesting cover changes that Harry and the gang have undergone:

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