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Nabbing a role in the Marvel cinematic universe has been known to change an actor's life for the better, what with the instantaneous stardom and significant boost of their bank balance. But, more often than not, portraying some of the most iconic comic book heroes also dramatically alters their bodies too.

As if getting to grips with the nuances of a character's mind isn't difficult enough, in some cases these actors would have to endure grueling workouts that would see them hitting the gym five days a week, for seven hours or more a session! Take a bow, boys.

Now, let's have a look at some of the most incredible MCU transformations, and how the stars came to achieve their super-bods:

Chris Pratt

For his roles in Moneyball, Zero Dark Thirty and, of course, Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt had to lose the weight accrued for Parks and Recreation, which meant eating up to 5,000 calories a day, doing hundreds of pushups and running 5 miles every day.

Chris Evans

Although Evans found the workouts "bruta,l" he left the gym feeling great. It was the strict diet that really got to him:

...It's in between the workout that's tough, just eating, eating, eating. It sounds pleasant, but it's not pizza and doughnuts, it's just bland chicken. Very lean, dry, simple food that provides protein. You always feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Robert Downey Jr.

Cinema's Tony Stark practices Bruce Lee's Wing Chun technique everyday, and has done so for over a decade now! In order to ready himself for Iron Man, he consumed over 5,000 calories and managed to gain 25lbs of muscle!

Chris Hemsworth

Hemsworth had never lifted weights before becoming the God of Thunder, so the intense regime he undertook must've come as a monumental surprise! In preparation for his role in Rush, Hemsworth lost 30lbs of muscle only to have to put it back on again for Thor: The Dark World.

Paul Rudd

46 and now in the shape of his life, Rudd enlisted the help of CrossFit BMF to get his chiseled Ant-Man bod. His intense workout included single chest and back workouts like dumbbell bench presses, weighted pull ups and oblique crunches.

Hugh Jackman

Jackman admits that he didn't fully prepare for his role in the first X-Men, but now, as evidenced by the photo below, he throws himself into his workouts with some serious gusto:

I do about two-and-a-half hours of training a day when getting ready for the role, and foodwise I eat more, but I eat a lot stricter. Seventy percent of your physique is your diet, and diet is the biggest change that happens.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Considering Taylor-Johnson put on 15lbs of muscle for Kick-Ass 2, his turn out in Age of Ultron makes him look more hulk than speedy superhero. He undertook a regime that included TRX planks and farmer's walks to achieve his impressive physique.

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