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Mark Newton

Star Wars: Episode VIII has only been filming in Ireland for a few days, but already Mark Hamill has made himself at home in that most Irish of places - the humble pub.

When a couple of Irish guys popped down their local watering hole for a pint they certainly didn't expect Luke Skywalker to be tending to the patrons - but that's exactly what they got.

Hamill, who has been busy filming on Skellig Michael just off the Kerry coast, headed to the local and got to work pouring pints of Guinness (no simple feat) from behind the bar. As you'd expect, the fans, Colm Flynn and Jonathan Lambert, wasted no time in snapping the moment for future generations. It's unclear if the evening degenerated into a drunken saunter around the town with the Jedi Master, but I sincerely hope it did. Check out their photo below:

Of course, Hamill isn't the first Star Wars star to make headlines for the dispensing of alcohol to members of the public. Harrison Ford became the subject of a meme when he was spotted at a party pouring copious amounts of vodka for students.

In any case, although Skywalker may have resisted the dark side, it seems he couldn't quite turn down a pint of the dark stuff.


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