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Eli Roth is currently killing it in the horror film game, with films like Hostel, The Last Exorcism, and Cabin Fever under his belt.

Roth's next horror film is The Green Inferno, a chilling tale about a group of student activist who brave the Amazon to save a vanishing native tribe. Their plane crashes, and the activists wake up surrounded by the natives who wish to do more harm than good.

While I am absolutely sure Eli Roth is complemented on the daily on his genius ability to scare the crap out of people with his demented stories, Roth just received the greatest shoutout possible for any scary movie director.

The Great Horror God known as Stephen King recently had this to say about Eli Roth's The Green Inferno:

My jaw dropped when I read this too. I can't even imagine how hard Eli Roth must be fangirling at this.

Roth responded:

It must feel absolutely humbled and honored to have your very own hero look at you with respect and admiration.

The Green Inferno will be released in theaters September 25th, to help get us into that horror film as October approaches us every so slowly.

And if Stephen King is a fan, I'll have to trust his judgement and go see it myself.

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