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The message here is simple - Kill quick or die! Fresh out of the Tokyo Game Show 2015 comes this latest trailer for Umbrella Corps. Hold onto your hats and take a deep breath, Umbrella Corps is totally revolutionising the Resident Evil brand.

This latest offering from Capcom is taking the latest Resi title far, far away from traditional survival horror and dives head first into the fast paced, run and gun world of the online multiplayer shooter. Resident Evil will now do battle with the likes of Call of Duty and Star Wars Battlefront!

Releasing early next year, the newest generation of Resident Evil will effectively be a player v player shooter with zombies thrown in. The game will feature two teams of Umbrella Corps combatants that will face off against each other in compact and somewhat claustrophobic arenas.

Umbrella Corps has a clear and simply gameplay premise "quick-and-dirty matches in compact battle zones," with multiple modes of play. Players will begin with the genre typical loadout screen, where they can choose from a huge variety of customisable gear.

"You can choose what main and sub-weapons you'll have, but there's always the four main-weapon set: sub, main, brainer, and grenade." - James Vance

Players will even have access to the extreme brutality weapons like the 'Brainer' or the arm-worn Tactical Shield device that allows you to use zombies as cover.

The zombie element

It's Resident Evil, there has to be zombies, but what role do they play in an online shooter?

The concept is actually quite good, the maps will be pre populated with the undead before each deathmatch kicks off. These undead are at first unable to see the combatants as they are each equipped with 'zombie jammers'.

The zombies come into play the moment a fighter gets injured - damage taken results in the players zombie jammer becoming defective, once this happens the player becomes visible to the hordes of undead. Players with a defective jammer will now be forced to not only fight off the other players but fend off the waves of flesh hungry zombies. An interesting twist to the online PvP genre I think.

"Rather than a standard, straight-up military action game where it's just you versus the other players, there's this unpredictable element of the zombies in there which I think because it's the Resident Evil universe, it's a very a very unique proposal that we can add into the mix." - James Vance

But Why Run and Gun?

The idea of Resident Evil taking on the shooter genre isn't entirely unprecedented or original, some may remember the concept of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, granted its a lesser memorable Resi edition but it dipped the toe and tested the water somewhat.

I fully recognise that the evolution of the Resident Evil franchise has increasingly aired on the side of the action player, and that the run and gun element has become more of an integral element in the industry as a whole.

I mean, the concept isn't a bad one either, from the looks of the trailer alone they have done a stellar job. So my argument isn't with the premise but with the decision to dive into a highly competitive, already saturated market when you already have a captive horror audience.

Maybe the answer is as simple as this: They have created a kick ass zombie smashing, PVP shooter and the world needs to play it. Look at the success that Call of Duty has had over the years with their online zombie mode. Just imagine what the kings of zombie could do with the premise!

Scepticism aside, I think that this game has great potential, the combat looks clean and original, the weapons are varied and gruesome and I honestly believe that this could be one of the great underdogs of the year.

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