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CBS already claimed the rights to a Limitless TV series that will elaborate on the Bradley Cooper film and hope to capitalize on the fact that the film was somewhat of a hit. Now NBC is hoping they can put gasoline on the fire that is the Taken movies starring Liam Neeson as the most bad-ass dad to ever exist.

It will take a very particular set of skills...that creator Luc Besson hopes he has... to get a prequel for Taken off the ground. I'm actually pretty happy it's a prequel and not just a sequel to Taken 3. They'll instead be showing how Neeson's character Bryan Mills happened to acquire those now-famous "skills" that he so inevitably seems always have to use.

Mills is going to be a young CIA agent on the show, not yet with a family (that he so often has to protect in the films). The weird part is this will still be set in modern day, even though the films depicted a much older Mills in present-day. I guess you're allowed to do whatever the hell you want when you are doing a spin-off though. It's fair enough in my opinion since I think it would probably be overly complicated to make it a period piece along with an origin story.

If you're a comic book fan, you might be familiar with "Ultimate Taken." This will be like that with familiar characters and concepts, but young and more modern.

If you're a TV writer who liked these movies, you could be in luck and snag this gig. They're currently trying to sign a lead writer and showrunner and I'm sure, given the success of the films, this will be a big budget project.



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