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Our brand new Creators continue to bring the A game, and this week has been no exception. From awesome fan art to interesting articles, it's been a pleasure to read through all your wonderful creations. Give yourselves a well-deserved round of applause as we celebrate this week's top 10 posts by new Creators.

1. The Vector Wars BY Lewis Forde

New Creator Lewis Forde has a thing for texture and minimalism, and it shows. Using his favorite style, abstract minimalism, he has created 5 beautiful pieces inspired by the Star Wars franchise. 'The Vector Wars' is definitely worth a visit and be sure to show your support in the comments!

2. From SpiderGwen to Lara Croft: Girl Transforms Herself Into Your Favorite Characters! BY Stefanie Drew

The title basically says it all. From SpiderGwen to Lara Croft, brand new Creator Stefanie Drew can transform herself into pretty much any character. Through cosplaying she's been able to combine her love for dressing up with her love of video games and her favorite fictional characters. It is definitely a match made in heaven if you ask me.

3. 10 Things You Might Not Know About 101 Dalmatians (1961) BY Will Morton

101 Dalmatians is among Disney's finest movies, but can be considered to be one of the least talked about in recent history. At least, that was the case until Creator Will Morton posted 10 awesome facts we didn't know about the animated adventure from 1961. We learned a lot from Will's facts and can be sure that all Disney fans are bound to love this post!

4. Watch Jumpman, the Mario Bros Live Action Movie Trailer Fans Deserve! BY Roddy Deshusses

Creator Roddy Deshusses presents an awesome, Nolan-esque trailer for a live action Super Mario movie. If you love seeing a darker side to characters who are known for a brighter habitat, you'll love Jumpman!

5. Heroine for Beginners BY Darren Teo

From wage discrepancies to casting woes, the backlash that the film industry takes for their portrayal and treatment of women is seemingly endless. New Moviepilot Creator Darren Teo dives deeper into the issue and explores why audiences still aren't used to seeing kick-ass female protagonists.

6. Madeleine Haririan Can Transform Herself Into Anything She Wants BY Madeleine Haririan Lehmus

By now, we all know that some of our wonderful Creators hold the power of the most incredible transformations and first time poster Madeleine Haririan is no exception. From Disney witches to Game of Thrones White Walkers, she has the skills to prove it. As an added bonus she provides an awesome video tutorial on how you can transform yourself into your very own Queen Witch!

7. The Inspiration Behind Some of Hollywood's Most Popular Horror Films BY Jane F

Halloween is almost upon us, and so there's no better time than the present to talk about horror. New Creator Jane F takes a look at the people and events that have inspired your favorite horror characters. Be sure to check out her post if you're looking to expand your knowledge on everything horror; from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to Chucky, from the Shining to the Exorcist!

8. Celebrating 30 Years Of Love and Laughter BY Douglas Fenoff

Can you believe it is already the thirtieth anniversary of the iconic sitcom 'The Golden Girls'? Nope, me neither. Over the years these ladies have brought us tears of joy, love and most importantly, lots of laughter. New Creator Douglas Fenoff looks back at thirty years of arguably one of the best and most iconic sitcoms to have ever graced our television screens.

9. The MCU Needs the Rights to Fantastic 4... But Not Just For Marvel's First Family! BY Grant Ellsworth

After a row of successful releases the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have to find a way to continue the threat and momentum of what can arguably be the greatest sets of sequel movies of our time. New Creator Grant Ellsworth looks at who, or what, might be the next big villain in the upcoming phases of the MCU.

10. Gore Galore- Aspiring SFX Makeup Artist BY Megan Tyler

Megan Tyler may only be 16, but her make-up skills will have you gasping and turning your head away in horror at how deceptively realistic it all looks. We at Moviepilot see horror SFX and prosthetics all the time without even flinching, but Megan's work definitely not only made us flinch, but we pretty much skipped lunch that day as well. If you've got the stomach to handle it, definitely check out her bloody gallery because it's to die for.

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