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If you previously thought that the DC Extended Universe was not diverse enough with the treatment of its stories or was lacking a sense of light-hearted fun, then get ready for all that to change. The Tracking Board exclusively reported that Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, two superheroes that have long been expected to appear in either solo films or TV series, are now being groomed for a team-up feature from Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment. Sources exclusive to The Tracking Board also confirmed that Greg Berlanti, the force behind television's highly successful 'Arrowverse' (Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow), will be highly involved with the project, apparently set to direct and executive produce.

In a massively different approach from DC's current film slate, the film will pair the two heroes together in what is being pitched as a "superhero buddy-cop comedy film". Note the emphasis on comedy here, which is a stark contrast to the other titles in the DC Extended Universe, breaking the mold of the extremely grounded and dark tone of Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In case you are not fully aware of who these superheroes actually are, let us dive into their origin stories...

1. BOOSTER GOLD (Michael Jon Carter)

Born in the 25th century, Michael Jon Carter comes from a decidedly humble background. He and his twin sister Michelle never saw their father because he left after gambling away all their money. A gifted athlete, Michael is the star quarterback for his university until his father reenters his life and convinces him to deliberately lose games for gambling purposes. When he is caught, he is publicly humiliated and expelled from the university. He is later able to secure a job as a night watchman at the Metropolis Space Museum. From the museum, Michael steals numerous devices, including a Legion of Super-Heroes flight ring, Brainiac 5's force-field generating belt and Rip Hunter's time machine. He uses the equipment to travel back in time to the 20th century along with his sister, with the intention of becoming a famous superhero and forming a corporation based around himself. When he arrives in 20th century Metropolis, he signs a multitude of commercial deals with corporate sponsors. Although initially a shameless self-promoter and a relentless narcissist, Michael evolves into a much deeper character and a true hero when his sister is killed while battling creatures from another dimension, and when he goes bankrupt.

2. BLUE BEETLE (Ted Kord)

Tech-genius Thedore "Ted" Kord takes a job under his uncle Jarvis while he is in college. While working there, he eventually discovers that Jarvis is in actuality a mad scientist bent on conquering the planet using an army of androids of his own creation. Desperate to prevent such a thing from taking place, Ted goes to one of his professors, Dan Garret, who coincidentally happens to be the original Blue Beetle. In the ensuing battle between them, Jarvis and Dan are both killed, but before dying, Dan reveals his identity to Ted and makes Ted promise to carry on the legacy of the Blue Beetle. Without access to the mystical Egyptian scarab that gave Dan his superpowers, Ted uses his intellect and his many inventions to create all the equipment needed to carry on Dan's legacy as the Blue Beetle and to fight crime. Aside from being one of the smartest people in the DC Universe, Ted is also an industrialist, being the owner of Kord Industries.

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle frequently team up in the comics, and can be considered best friends. Their pursuits and adventures often lead to comedic shenanigans and harmless mishaps, which is one of the reasons why many fans adore the pair. According to The Tracking Board, they will eventually become members of the Justice League and will appear in a future Justice League film down the road.

Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) and Booster Gold
Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) and Booster Gold

Ever since the characters appeared on Smallville, they have been targeted for a live action adaptation, with both of them almost getting their own television series. A Blue Beetle series was even considered to take the place of Smallville after it ended its run, and had test VFX footage shot, but the project never came to fruition.

The duo was previously thought to appear in The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow, and we all know that that plan did not work out in the end. But Legends show-runner Phil Klemmer did recently hint that something bigger for the characters could be happening in the future, which we now know is the feature.

Considering Berlanti's previous track record with not just the Arrowverse, but a plethora of other works, it can be safely assumed that the project will eventually turn out to be something that the fans and the general audience would love. And besides, this supposed emphasis on comedy and the light tone will be a welcome breath of fresh air from all the gritty and dark superhero films we have been getting of late.

What do you guys think? Although the release date is not known yet, are you excited for the project and do you want to see a team-up film of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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