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Matthew Bailey

Okay, so it pains me to a point to admit this, but I am a Pokemon junky. I LOVE Pokemon. Yes, I said that in the present tense. I love them now, I have loved them since 1996 with the first games release and I will love them as long as they keep making new games. I may even have to travel a lot more once Pokemon Go is released (Seriously?! I can actually catch Pokemon at home, at work and everywhere I go... Can we say awesome!!)

So there it is, I admit it. I'm nearly 30 years old and I love Pokemon. From the first day that I stepped into that Kanto region and met Professor Oak and he let me choose my first companion I've been hooked. I've played each new version, and then played it again and again. I bought every system that I needed to play the new games so at some point in the last nearly 20 years I've owned each of the Gameboy incarnations (Original, Color & Advance), a Nintendo DS & 3DS as well as the N64, Game Cube & Wii.

For me, Pokemon was more than just a game to collect powerful creatures. It was a chance to proove I was better than my friends. Even after finishing my first game, Pokemon Red, with the help of trading with my friends who had the Blue counterpart before buying a second Gameboy and the blue version along with a trading cable.

Yes, I was that guy who played both versions of the game and scam-traded the pokemon that I needed so I could have complete versions of each.

I kept up that routine for all the various versions over the years, determined to be a pokemon master!

I haven't kept up with my obsessive pokemon hunting and capturing now that I'm married and have two young boys at home, but I haven't forgotten about my pokemon addiction. I can't wait for Pokemon GO to be released, and until then I have emulated versions of Red, Blue, Yellow and Emerald on my cell phone so I can still get my pokemon fix while I'm on break at work or just taking a minute to get some breathing room.


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