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I went to see The Visit on opening night with a group of friends. From the previews, we already expected lots of laughter from the crazy schemes of the creepy grandparents. Did it look scary? A little bit but not much. I don't normally watch scary movies. Paranormal Activity pretty much ruined my horror movie going experience. As I tell my friends," I don't do demons." But The Visit looked like a fun, suspenseful, 'somewhat' scary movie and I decided to give it a shot because I do miss the edge of your seat feeling you get from watching scary movies.

As you could tell from the trailer, the movie is about a brother (Tyler) and sister (Rebecca) who visit their grandparents. Because of their mothers estranged relationship with her parents, they have never met them. The movie is shot documentary style, which is very played out. Is this the only way they know how to shoot scary movies now? M. Night Shyamalan is above this in my opinion but he pulled it off pretty well; after awhile you don't really pay attention to it.

The movie was fast paced; there was never a moment when there wasn't something happening to move the plot along. There was also a good amount of scares that had my friends and I jumping in our seats. But the best part of the movie was how funny it was. Ed Oxebould plays Tyler a.k.a T.W Stylist, a very blunt, sometimes inappropriate, aspiring rapper. He reacted along with the audience, adding commentary and it got to the point where I looked forward to seeing him on screen. He definitely has a great career ahead of him.

The adorable Ed Oxebould as Tyler aka T.W Stylist
The adorable Ed Oxebould as Tyler aka T.W Stylist

The relationship between Rebecca and Tyler was refreshing to watch. Unlike most movies and television shows that depict relationships between an older and younger sibling as troubled, they actually liked each other. Yes, they annoyed each other but they also liked spending time with each other and talked/listened to each others problems. I have a similar relationship with my older brother and it was nice to see it depicted on screen instead of the usual. My heart raced for them when they were separated at the end of the movie and had to face the evil grandparents alone. Though it wasn't necessarily significant to the action, they were so worried about each other and it made me anxious for them. I'm a sucker for subtle things like that.

There were a few things that were a bit overdone though. The character building was too obvious. Like the fact that the dad was no longer in their life and it had affected them in various ways. Rebecca didn't like looking at herself in the mirror or on film. T.W Stylist (yes, that's what he prefers to be called) blamed himself for their dad leaving because of a bad football game. All of these things come full circle by the end of the film and a part of me just rolled my eyes and sighed as it played out. A happy ending after everything they had been through just seemed too unlikely to be true. They would have needed months, if not years, of therapy to recover. Rebecca brushing her hair while looking in the mirror while her brother jokingly freestyles about a traumatizing situation was a cop out and a very unrealistic conclusion. It made everything that happened in the movie seem irrelevant. Like they could go through something like that every other week and be fine as long as they came out unscathed. Come on, son! What about the mental trauma, Mr. Shyamalan?

Overall, I really did enjoy the movie. The grandparents played creepy very well and the twist was unexpected and appreciated. If you're a die hard horror movie lover, I would skip this movie altogether. This movie is better if your more so looking for a good time instead of nightmares. I would say this movie has a mix of all the good things from M. Night's previous films. It was quirky and it was suspenseful and it had a good twist. I would definitely watch it again.

Thank you for reading my first review! I hope to do more in the future and I promise they'll get better with experience. I'm still learning how to work the sight and add photos and videos. I want to review movies both old and new so give me some suggestions and I'll be pleased to give my take on it!


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