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Philip Schmohl

So who are we supposed to believe in this little 'mutant' war, lately become very overt in the movies, between Fox and Marvel?! Is Peter Maximoff from the U.S. or is he Pietro Maximoff from Eastern Europe, as he's always been represented in the original Marvel Universe? I'm tired of viewers getting this skewed image of our favorite old standards at Marvel, because some media mogul, like Rupert Murdock, feels because he owns 'mutant' IP, he can create his own 'Marvel Universe'.

And now Marvel has taken steps to fight back, as evidenced by the exclusion of the first family of Marvel, The Fanatastic Four, being eliminated from the most recent MU portrait of its heroes and villians. They discontinued the comic book line and have started a new branch of 'mutant-like' characters through the 'Inhuman' franchise. Noticably, as well, they killed off Pietro Maximoff in A2:AOU, as according to Cinemablend - they will possible be killing off all 'X gene' story lines. Way to go Marvel, Fox's version of The Fantastic Four stunk anyway and I think a total boycott of any future iterations by them, as regard the first family of Marvel, should be in order!

I'm tired of the uncooperative attitude of Fox media and it's executives. As a fan and person raised on Marvel comics from its revitalization/inception period of the early 60's under Stan Lee, I say boycott Fox and I applaud Sony for bowing to Marvel as the mother of these characters and truest source for nuturing their storylines! What Fox has done to Fantastic Four is abhorrant and if a disease has got to clean the Marvel pallette of mutants, as much as I am saddened by this necessary tact - then so be it. I emphatically support Marvel in doing whatever they feel they need to do to correct this invasive disruption by Fox. Sony did the right thing by releasing Spider-Man back into the fold and all of their other properties - why can't Fox do the same?! This delusion of 'our Marvel Universe', as so stated by an undisclosed Fox source, is an aborration of everything we fans hold dear in our beloved and original Marvel Universe. Either get with the program Fox, or get surgically cut out, like the tumor you have become on Marvel's backside!


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