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With every great strip of a comic panel, comes a terrible, regrettable moment for any and almost every comic book writer. Fortunately most of these moments are hardly repeated, which is a relief to the die-hard fans.

It hardly matters with the popularity of a comic, as even the greatest of the superheroes have faced the most ignominious moments in their long run. Unfortunately for them their popularity leads to an even massive outrage of the fans which is barely justified. What if the character you adored till the last night due to his cool looks suddenly comes up wearing a pink suit out of nowhere, knocking you out of your wits. Or actually, that's a pretty terrifying thought.

Be it Batman or Ironman, these legends have had their part in an embarrassing past. Here are the few worst cases of those demeaning occasions.

5. Dr. doom and Thanos losing against Squirrel Girl.

So, this panel of a comic actually is a part from one of Marvel's Squirrel girl story line. Mind you Squirrel Girl is as powerful as her name suggests, which basically is squirrel control of some sort and that's literally all. But for some reasons the creators behind her thought it would be a good idea to present Squirrel girl as a character who just suddenly jumps in defeating Dr. doom and Thanos, which are ironically a few of the most iconic and most powerful characters in the entire comic book history.

PS. Next time you see a squirrel, try to stay away from it, after all who might know what is it conspiring.

4. Flash, the......fattest man alive.

Back in the days when the comic book writers were pretty fond of transforming characters in the most weird manner, this shit came out. Not only was this panel hell bent on destroying The flash's future and his nemesis Gorilla grodd, but also a straight up representation of the writer's mind illustrating how fat people lack feelings and are stupid.

The moral of the story is: People are terrible in both fiction and reality; also it's a good idea to make superheroes subject to a real life-threatening condition that people struggle with every day, all in the name of drama and comedy. Next issue: Flash accidentally eats a bowl of Lou Gehrig's disease!

3. Iron man needs to charge himself up.

Not quite the iron man you remember right, before gaining a lot of popularity iron man was no different from the others, and had an embarrassing moment of his own too. Replacing the arc reactor for some reason the comic suggests about how Tony Stark considers charging himself up as a better option.

It's like his suit was a piece of shit old Android phone that he got free with the contract because the sales rep said it was good but now it keeps dying at one in the god damned afternoon, I swear to god I'm getting an iPhone when the new one comes out next year.

I wonder if this might have had continued and became a part of MCU, we sure have had seen long stretches of scenes where Robert Downey Jr. would just sit around charging himself up. Oh wait, that still sounds better than Iron Man 2.

2. Batman in differently colored suits.

One of the most iconic superheroes ever also had a moment as hideous as this, when the caped crusader got to wear a number of variably colored suits typically meant for people to get attracted towards him and use robin as a tracking device.

Now, I have no clue what might have had happened to the writer of this panel, yet I'm pretty sure he would never come up as an authorized writer to proclaim anything, presuming his fate ahead from our dark knight's fans.

1. Nagraj.....the protector of the universe.

And whatever the F**k is this shit.
And whatever the F**k is this shit.

Specifically this is a comic panel from the infamous Nagraj, an Indian superhero who had the powers to use snakes in any means necessary, literally.

Need I say more..............after the last strip showing a God like figure(Guruji) coming out of thin air to save everybody on Nagraj's prayer.

Imagine a Marvel story line which ends with Jesus Christ showing up, killing all the baddies and saving all our favorite superheroes.


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