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We all fascinate that how a fight would go between the Justice League and the Avengers.But Max Landis,the screenwriter of Chronicle and American Ultra,believes that Batman alone can take down the whole Avengers.Below are the lines he said.

My opinion on this stems not from my love of preference of individual characters, but rather for how the characters work best. The Avengers work best when vulnerable; Batman works best when he's written as a domineering and intense force of nature.
I think they'd stand a better chance in Round 2, but Round 1 goes like this. Okay, so let's say The Avengers appear in a city with batman and they fight.

He has an interesting point though,but the said the Avengers would stand better in Round 2,which means that Batman would come at the avengers with some heavy prep.

Lets us have a quick look at how Max Landis' Batman could take down the Avengers.

. Bruce Banner would be knocked down before even he tranforms into the Hulk.

.Iron Man's suit would be hacked before even his notice.

.Vision gets EMPeed real quick.

.Thor gets batwinged into a building and then glued with polymer.

.Batman would beat the shit of Black Widow and Hawkeye.

.Finally,he faces Captain America,but Batman would be the Victor.

After this description,Max added,

Honestly if they fought him one on one it would be a fairer fight because he wouldn't be able to use the city against them as effectively; that ninja training is gonna be a b*tch for the rough and tumble MCU Avengers. Honestly I like Cap as a character more than I like Batman, I like Iron Man more too.
Superman fighting the Avengers is just...not a fight. There's no tactical element to it. He just punches all of them once.

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So,this is what Max Landis visualised.Do you agree with him?Could Batman singlehandedly takedown the Avengers?Share your views in the comment box.

Lost your voice?Bat Bale knows that feel :P
Lost your voice?Bat Bale knows that feel :P

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