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With many Mavel movie in the works what else is possible?

Of course when I say "Marvel" I mean the Marvel cinematic universe. With the vast success of the movies that the MCU has already released, it's getting to the point where we have to wonder. What else is to come?

There are plenty of movies to look forward to. Civil war, Doctor strange, spider-man, black panther, inhumans, Guardians or the galaxy, captain marvel, and best of all the Infinity war. So for at least the next 4 years we have many MCU movies to look forward too. But what after that? Marvel has no shortage of characters to make movies about, but will those characters be popular enough? They took a risk with GotG and ant-man luckily those worked out well. But if they try to make movies of lesser known characters it may not go as well. They did work out a deal with Sony so they can at least use spider-man in their universe. But could they work out a deal with Fox?

Imagine if Marvel could use the Fantastic Four, or at least their villains. They could have the Avengers and the FF team up to stop Galactus. Or the silver surfer could help the Avengers with some alien invasion that is part of something bigger

Or the X-men could team up with the avengers to help fight Thanos (if he made a return). If Fox would work with Marvel, even with just the FF, the possibilities for new movies goes up quite a bit. But for now that is just a dream, since Fox shows no signs on budging with the FF. And since their X-men are popular there is no reason to share with the MCU.

So for now the MCU shows no signs of slowing down, and the is no end to their good fortune in sight. I have high hope for the MCU and, as always, I'm looking forward to the new movies coming out. We can only hope that FOX will work with Marvel to let them use the FF. Or maybe that won't happen and Marvel will just keep using their characters, and make them more popular than we could imagine. Who knows what the future holds for Marvel, all I know is I don't think they will disappoint.


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