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Second to last day of the 5 Day Gaming Challenge, here is a list of the challenges:

  • Day 1: Game that brings on gamer rage
  • Day 2: Best multiplayer game
  • Day 3: Longest binge on one game
  • Day 4: Game you play over and over
  • Day 5: Game that should get re-released/ get a sequel

I know I should pick one of these but ever since I got the Mass Effect Trilogy set it's all been just one long game for me, weaving effortlessly into the next game. Especially if there ends up being a Mass Effect 4 without Shepard the "Shepard Stories" or whatever they choose for the official name will to me be considered a single game.

I like role playing games but some have way too much customization, that to me, really takes away from playing the game. I know this says more about me than the games but sometimes I'm sitting there figuring out how long I want my fingernails to be that I'm thinking "JUST LET ME KILL SOMETHING ALREADY". If you take into account the customization and the exposition the time you're spent actually doing anything gets shorter and shorter. Then you take into account traversal from one loading screen to another and yes all of this really brings you into the game completely and makes these games extremely worth the 60 dollars. There's not much chance you're going to see yourself running through the game like every TV show wants you to believe but it's still great to really feel like you're apart of the world. You can either get so immersed that you can't possibly make a choice without fully contemplating every repercussion of your actions, or just kill everyone in their faces and enjoy yourself.

I love Mass Effect because it allows me to fully enjoy and immersive story about one woman, I play Femshep, trying to overcome all obstacles. I've played it over and over and each time I've managed to do at least one thing a little better. Maybe this time I managed to talk that guy out of killing hostages, or this time nobody died during my suicide mission. I refuse to play as Renegade though even as male Shepard. I find Renegade Shepard to be a xenophobic douchebag instead of a badass anti-hero who doesn't listen to what he's told but plays by his own rules. I can deal with midway Shepard since he's pretty nonchalant loyal soldier doesn't care one way or another but the only problem is you don't get reputation points for following orders. You have to witness events instead of changing them. Which I suppose is kind of a metaphor for life.


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