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In the long wait for Frozen 2, fans have been speculating wildly about what the plot for the film could be. We've had everything from Wizard of Oz connections, Elsa becoming the villain, and new fire-power princesses. But the burning question on everyone's lips is: how did Elsa get her powers? Does this ice sorcery run in the family and is Anna powerful too? Well, we may have finally got an answer to that last question, in a recently interview with creators Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee!

Anna's Power Revealed!

In an interview with HitFix, the creators of Frozen decided to answer some fan questions and of course Anna's powers (or lack thereof) were addressed. The interviewer posed the theory that thanks to Anna knocking out a wolf with a lute and her ability to "punch with the strength of a thousand men", fans have wondered whether Anna's power was actually super strength but she never realised this. Chris Buck had an interesting response...

"We know what her superpower is: her superpower is love! She saves the day with love."

But surely love is an emotion, not a superpower? Well, Jennifer Lee elaborated and connected this love power with Anna's strength...

"You know, like a mama bear can raise a car off their kid with their super strength, love is very powerful."

You can check out the full video below!

So what does this mean for Frozen 2? Well the possibilities are endless in Disney movies, but to me there seems to be three distinct outcomes...

Anna's Superpower Is Strength!

Just as the interviewer mentioned, Anna does seem to be rather strong for a girl who reportedly spent her whole life indoors. She scales a mountain with relative ease after all, and who could forget that awesome punch?!


She knocks Hans right off the boat with that sucker! This is Buffy levels of badass right here. Lee did have an explanation for that though: "Hans is just a wimp!" but her comment about mothers exhibiting extraordinary strength when their children are in danger does open up some interesting opportunities. Like Anna saving Elsa from a fallen tree by lifting the log off her sister, or more punching (lots and lots more punching please!).

Of course, the creators could have been speaking about a more magical kind of power...

The Power Of Love

This is a fairy tale. We've seen witches who can take voices away, talking and dancing furniture, and of course Elsa's epic ice magic. Who's to say that love really IS Anna's superpower? Like an empath, maybe she can inspire love in others by changing their emotions... although Hans' betrayal kinda disproves that idea.

Or maybe the power of her love can save her life and the lives of others: after all, in the end of the movie Anna comes back from being entirely frozen simply by the power of true love. Not to mention, this is HER OWN POWER - she is the one to perform the act of true love of sacrificing her life for Elsa, and in doing so saved herself! Empowering or what?

True love thaws a frozen heart
True love thaws a frozen heart

Maybe this power was within her all along, and she only needed her sister to wake it up! So the power of love = healing powers? That's certainly interesting! It could offer up lots of story opportunities for Frozen 2 as Anna slowly discovers the powers she had inside her all along, and how she can use them to help others.

And there is one final option...

This Is All Metaphorical

As much as we would like to believe Anna really does have a power, it's probable that the creators were just speaking metaphorically. Anna really does save the day with love in Frozen, but it's possible that the magic that saved her was part of the curse itself, rather than her own abilities. And there is some merit in Anna being as ordinary as she believes herself to be: after all, kids should have the message that you don't have to have superpowers to be strong.

That doesn't mean that we shouldn't get an explanation of Elsa's powers in Frozen 2 though, or that it wouldn't be TOTALLY AWESOME to get other superpowered princesses in the Disney Princess lineup!

But what do you think: should Anna actually have powers, or is it good that she's ordinary? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

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Should Anna have a superpower?


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