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The Tracking Board unveiled a big bomb earlier today. A Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie may be in development at Warner Bros.

And especially, Greg Berlanti, the man behind the successful DC comics TV series Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl, is reported as director and executive producer of this upcoming team-up film.

According to sources, the movie would be a superhero buddy-cop movie. It makes sense when you know the relationship between Booster and Blue Beetle in the comics. Making Greg Berlanti in charge of the project seems like a wise choice.

Indeed, after Arrow, The Flash proved itself as an excellent lighthearted show and Supergirl will be in the same tone. Thus, WB's choice is an insurance that Berlanti will be able to capture the comedy aspect of both Booster Gold and Blue Beetle.

But now let's move towards the main reason why Berlanti could have been chosen for this movie.

Introducing the Multiverse on Big Screen

The multiverse will be introduced this year with Earth-Two on The Flash. The same thing will happen ultimately with the DCEU and Booster Gold might be the key to do so.

Rip Hunter is known as one of the Time-Masters but is also Booster Gold's son. Time-Masters mission is to preserve the balance of space and time, not only in one universe but in all universes. If you don't know much about the subject, Time Masters - Vanishing Point is the perfect comic to learn more about it.

In Legends Of Tomorrow, Rip will be one of the main character, acting as the one protecting the team from altering time. So, could Arthur Darvill's Rip Hunter be the son of the Booster Gold we'll see on big screen ?

I think this possibility is not farfetched. Having Booster Gold doesn't mean we have to see Rip Hunter as well right away. Thereby, I see Berlanti's nomination as a strong indication. If Booster was the only character linked with the TV universe, DC would need someone who has feet in this universe already.

DC need someone to keep the two universes together without creating any paradox or mistake. Berlanti, with his past, seems like the best man for the job.

I don't see the universes crossing over during this Booster Gold/Blue Beetle movie. But we could have a nod or two of what's going on in other universes.

To me, it seems like DC is setting the stage for something big in a distant future. They will, with Booster Gold or Ezra Miller's The Flash, open the door to this possibility.

Crossovers between universes won't happen for a long time, but at least DC is slowly progressing towards this idea.


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