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A variety of characters have made (or will make) their silver screen debuts thanks in part to Arrow and The Flash. While certain characters won't appear anytime soon on the Flarrowverse, it seems that a certain King exists in the universe.

In a deleted scene from The Flash's pilot, Barry is shown alongside Joe, discussing Barry's adventures to various places, from Starling City to Amnesty Bay. At one point, Joe makes a very interesting remark, he says:

"Yeah, and last month, you disappeared to Amnesty Bay to investigate a story about a man that could talk to fish."

via DC Comics
via DC Comics

Amnesty Bay is home to Tom Curry, who is keeper of the Curry Lighthouse. While Tom Curry does have some reputation in the DC Universe, it's his son that ultimately has most of the recognition. Arthur Curry, better known to fans as Aquaman appears to exist in the Flarrowverse.

While the chances of seeing the King of Atlantis appear on the series is slim, it is great knowing that somewhere, some place, Aquaman is talking to fish, oh and kicking butt.

What do you think? Should Aquaman make his debut on The Flash, or should the character remain in the DCEU?

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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