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Alright so its been a while since we've seen this iconic tv show adapted into a movie. On its 50th annoversary of the show created by Gerry Anderson, it is fitting to talk about bringing Thunderbirds back onto the big screen for a new generation of viewers. The movie was poorly adapted in 2004 and I'm still trying to erase it from my memory. With the new semi-succesful Thunderbirds Are Go Tv series. Now would be a good time to start on a live action Thunderbirds reboot for the silver screen. A big question is who will play the main characters well

Scott Tracy

Scott Tracy is the eldest of the five Tracy brothers and is the pilot of number 1. Two actors I belive worthy to be Scott Tracy are Zach Gilford and Tom Welling. Two well established actors from long running TV series. Zach Gilford played Matt Saracen in Friday Night Lights and portrayed a character of full heart as well as a comedic side. Tom Welling played Superman in Smallville. My personal choice is Zach Gilford because of his comedic side but Tom Welling would be able to pull of an amazing Scott Tracy especially due to his experience of playing a superhero/ action character

Virgil Tracy

Virgil Tracy is the pilot of number 2. Another older brother Virgil leads with Scott and their father Jeff Tracy. Once again two actors who could play Virgil are Taylor Kitsch and Colton Haynes. Colton like Welling has experience as a superhero and action sort of character during his time as arsenal in CW's Arrow. However based on leadership skills and looks Taylor Kitsch beats Colton. His ability to act as a leader was show during Friday Night Lights where he played Tim Riggins and alcoholic yet a leader among the high school team.

Alan Tracy

Again we have two actors I believe could play the role. A young member of the family Alan spends time on number 3 and stints on number 5. The two possible actors who I believe would be able to pull of Alan Tracy are Thomas Brody-Sangster and Cameron Monaghan. Cameron for me came into spot light in his appearance during his one episode stint of Gotham where he has been suspected of playing the Joker. His crazy side may not be needed to play Alan but his acting was good during the episode and with blonde hair would pull him of well. Yet Thomas is a better candidate due to his younger physical appearance and his action filled role in the first two instalments of Maze Runner.

Gordon Tracy

Alan is the pilot of sea expedition vehicle number 4. Yet again 2 people come to mind when thinking about who could play him. Jesse Plemons and Joseph Morgan come to mind as suitable Gordon Tracys. Out of the two actors Jesse Plemons is better suited to play the young Gordon Tracy due to his physical appearance, age and accent. Not to take away gto Joseph Morgan's acting and how well he could play Gordon compared to Jesse Plemons he just didn't suit as well

John Tracy

This one was pretty easy Alex Pettifer as John Tracy. Alex is known for his role as Ales Rider in Spybreaker as well as many other movies. His physique and age make him the only actor who truley came to mind. However Harry Potter bad boy Tom Felton would also make a good John Tracy

Support Cast

The support cast wasn't hard to pick

you have Vin Diesel as main bad guy the hood. Next is the father Jeff Tracy played by Pierce Brosnan. Lady Penelope's driver, Parker, played by an actor well known for portraying Alfred Pennyworth, Michael Caine and resident smart guy Brains played by none other than Justin Long.

Support Cast 2

The second part of the support cast include International Rescue's London Agent Lady Penelope which could be played by either Billy Piper best known for playing Rose Tyler in Doctor Who alongside David Tennant and Emma Watson who played Hermione Granger in the highly successful Harry Potter series. TinTin who is The Hood's half daughter who lives with International Rescue who could be played by Shelly Conn.

Do you agree with these castings or do you have other suggestions. Maybe you don't want to see another thunderbirds movie. Leave your comments below


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