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You will have to forgive me as this is my first post but please bear with me as I get something up so my effort in signing up to be a part of Moviepilot is not just for the perks ;)

"You are spending our retirement on star wars toys." That was my wife's statement to me as I bounced her from Target to Target in the Pasadena area, looking for any Black Series action figures. You will note "Star Wars" is in lower case--a symbol of how she feels about those films, characters, merchandise, and anything else that falls under the Star Wars umbrella.

All of those visits were met with disappointment. But wait, a Target in Glendale, says "limited stock." We get there and nada except for the same stuff leftover at all the other Targets. I even took to @Target twitter account to complain about their constant ads hyping the new Star Wars stuff, with kids happily playing with those toys they got from Target and how it was a complete sham of advertising or those kids found the one Target that wasn't pillaged by the same four guys at midnight on Force Friday.

As an aside, I'm convinced it was the same four guys who simultaneously visited all of the Targets at midnight and then got up at 8am to visit those that didn't do the late night thing and grabbed all of the stuff. I had one in front of me in Pasadena on that Friday morning. He took every single Black Series action figure except for one (a First Order StormTrooper which I grabbed). I only ended up with him because he paused for a second to adjust his pile. Had I known he would have done this, I would have just jumped into grab another one or two but I was trying to be polite and assumed we waited in line together, we're in this together, he'll pause to give me a chance. Nope. It may as well have been the last can of pickled beets in the "Walking Dead."

Aside over. So given my marriage is more important than Star Wars toys--a truth my wife probably doesn't believe nor I'll share, I am biding my time, looking on ebay (ack!), making excuses to run to Target to pick up something that my wife needs (Out of taco seasoning? Sure, I'll grab it!). Don't get me wrong, I have picked up a few things (remote control BB-8, a tie fighter x-wing fighter, and a few 3.75" action figures) but the only thing I truly want is that Captain Phasma Black Series figure and I have the slightest idea why--except that I cannot find it anywhere. Even Kylo Ren is available here and there (according to the site and modestly on ebay--under $30) but not the case for Phasma. So my Moby Dick, is a platinum stormtrooper who I have no way of knowing is a major villian or a sidekick one with lots of hype (ala Darth Maul) but no lasting power.

Okay that went a little long for a first post--my apologies...


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