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It's difficult to make a comic book that is meant to make you smile while you read it, but still maintain a storyline that keeps you interested enough to turn the page and wait anxiously for the next issue. Writer/artist A. Shay Hahn has just the talent to do this. In the last year, he has made a number of comics that have combined action, humor, suspense, horror and mystery that have been nothing short of stellar. But, Homeless G-Men has been my favorite so far of his books. The story, about a group of crime fighters trying to maintain their innocence for a crime they didn't commit and continuing to fight the never ending battle is one for the ages. But, people will say that this story has been done to death in comics. That's why he has also thrown in the humor that you would see out of "The Tick" into his books to keep us extremely entertained.

Issue one of the series introduced us to the members of his team. There's Swinnerton Hale who is the leader of these misfits and also the person in charge of trying to clear their name. There's the weapons master "Man at Arms" who runs around with an ax and changes his name every few pages just for comic relief. There is also a superhuman boyscout, who calls himself "Boyscout", who always finds a way to jump into the action and save the day at the last possible moment. Whether they are fighting a ghost cop(who can be stopped with cinnoman), a giant rampaging robot goat or an army of killer clowns who will have no problems smacking you in the face with a fluffy bunny, Shay Hahn finds a way to give us the action and also belly laughs for good measure. Now, this issue isn't as funny as the first issue because the mystery of what exactly is going on takes center stage this issue, but when the laughs come(and they do come quite often) you are going to be left asking yourself "what drugs did he take to come up with that idea?". These days, comics are all about the art and the computer graphics that it takes to make a book. It's very rare these days to find a comic that takes months to go from your mind to the final product. Especially when only one person is doing all the work on it. For that, A. Shay Hahn needs to be totally commended. Of you're a fan of superhero books or just a fan of books that make you laugh, then I suggest you give this second issue a try. I give this book a 8 out of 10, and I can't wait to see issue 3 to find out what this band of do-gooders is up to next.

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