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I've only just found out this past winter about the existence of subscription boxes. It was something that I subscribed to when the Marvel Collector's Corps was first announced in April of this year. Since then, I've either seen, or just noticed the amount of subscription services available out there. From clothes, hygiene, nature snack, baby products and of course nerd swag. The list will just continue to grow. I just saw a subscription box where they send men an entire outfit down to the socks and shoes and they pay for what they keep. It's something that just boggled my mind as to why we enjoy the mystery of paying for something and not knowing what you are going to get; if you like it or not. I will admit, I was a little worried about putting money and not knowing what I was getting, but after that first subscription to the Corps, I'm now the proud subscriber of 4 different boxes and that doesn't include the Star Wars: Smugglers Bounty box shipping out in November.

I can say, some boxes are worth the money, if only because of the exclusives. Paying for something that 90% of us will see at an end cap or by the register and just look but not buy would only be worth it, if one or two of the items in the box were exclusive and can not be found at stores.

There are many other different types of subscription boxes, but I'm only going to rank the ones we receive. These are our opinions.

The prices below are also on a month to month basis. The prices per box decrease when you go with a higher subscription plan (3 mths, 6 mths or a year).

Here is a list of how I rank the boxes for value and exclusivity:

4. Loot Crate ($13.95 + $6 Shipping)

Loot Crate is the perfect starter box for someone that is looking to just get their feet wet. They offer a large variety of themes through out the month that will keep you guessing at the contents of the box. More often than not, the box can be very disappointing. Due to the range of items they put in the boxes. A lot of items are items that many people would not recognize, even with a history of knowing current pop culture. The value of the items can be compared at times with clearance and register display items. Exclusives do come at times, but not often enough.

3. Nerd Block ($19.99 + $6-$7 Shipping)

Nerd Block is a step towards the higher valued items. They also offer a theme on a monthly basis. The biggest difference is that they guarantee you a T-Shirt in every box. The items are more valuable and they tend to throw in Funko Pops more often than Loot Crate. They also have 6 blocks in total. They currently offer Arcade Block (based only on video games) Comic Block (based only on Comic books) Horror Block (name speaks for itself), Nerd Block Classic (Which are basic nerd items from all sorts of catagories) and Nerd Block Jr Girls and Nerd Block Jr. Boys (Tailored to the younger nerds)

2. Marvel Collector Corps ($25 + $9 Shipping)

The Collector Corps boxes are currently the high end of subscription boxes. Themed exclusively about Marvel and brought to you by Funko. In each box you get a guaranteed T-Shirt and a Funko Pop that is not found anywhere. You also get a comic and a vinyl figure. The quantity of the box is not close to any of the other boxes on this list, but the exclusive Funko Pop is the main reason these boxes are so popular.

1. ComicCon Box ($29.99 + $7 Shipping)

This box is by far the best box, for value and exclusives. Each month they randomly select hundreds of boxes for bonus items that can consist of autographed pictures of movie and TV show characters. You also get a T-Shirt and about 8-9 items per box. Plus illustration by some of our favorite artists. As advertised, each box brings you something that will make you feel like Comic Con was delivered to your door. In the time we've had this box, it has yet not to delivery the goods.

At the end of the day, these boxes have been fun to open without knowing what is inside. I'm looking forward to see what Star Wars: Smugglers Bounty has in store.

So what do you think? You have a favorite box?


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