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As Marvel fans eagerly await the first trailer for the upcoming [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), Heroic Hollywood has revealed another hot scoop concerning one of the MCU's most anticipated characters, Spider-Man, to hopefully quench the thirsts of movie-goers for a little while. Now, this is Heroic Hollywood we are talking about here, so take this rumor with a grain of salt, but it should be noted that they have proven to be right in the past regarding certain topics. That being said, this is what insider Umberto Gonzalez had to say about our favorite wall-crawler:

How long has Peter Parker been Spider-Man in the MCU? According to sources, the latest rumor is that Peter Parker has been active as Spider-Man for a little over a year during the events of 'Captain America: Civil War.' Just like Batman in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice,' Spider-Man is considered a myth, an urban legend. In the upcoming 2017 'Spider-Man' standalone film, Peter Parker will have been active as Spider-Man for two years.

This rumor actually falls in line with what fans already know about this new incarnation of Spider-Man. President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, has already stated that the standalone Spider-Man reboot will not be an origin story, and that the fan favorite hero will have already been fighting crime for some time when he is introduced in Captain America: Civil War.

What I find most interesting about these rumors is that Spidey, if Gonzalez's comments are true, will have been active for two years by the time we meet him in the standalone Marvel reboot. This says, to me anyways, that fan favorite villain, Kraven the Hunter, is now a feasible option to be called up as the main antagonist in this first installment of Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Feige has already stated that for the standalone Spider-Man reboot they are interested in using villains that fans have yet to see in any of the character's previous films. Not long after his comments hit the web, rumors of Kraven being the villain quickly began spreading. What we know about Kraven, from both the comics and the cartoons, is that he is the world's foremost expert on big game hunting and quickly becomes interested for various reasons depending on the series in preying on the friendly neighborhood spider. So, having Spider-Man already established in the MCU would certainly make the Kraven storyline a lot more viable for the upcoming reboot.

Let me know what you think of this rumor and potential 'Spider-Man' reboot villains in the comments section, and as always, follow me for more news and opinions on your favorite films and film franchises.


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