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A LIZARD in a WOMAN's SKIN (UNA LUCERTOLA CON LA PELLE DI DONNA) was shot in 1971, and without a large budget, but it is still recognized Italian master cult director LUCIO FULCI's most innovative GIALLO's genre film, and one of the most accomplished works from the Horror's innovative, visual genius, but boosts also a top notch performance from its lead, Brazilian & Italian 1970's super star, Florinda Bolkan, delivering a complex rendition out of a mysterious and seductive, dark and brooding role, while the supporting cast is also notable, featuring a great English actor, Stanley Baker, as the Inspector trying to investigate what becomes an increasingly lurid and mind blowing scenario, involving jet setter Bolkan and her shady husband, played by cult French actor, Jean Sorel, other classic presence of the Giallo's genre, while we find a splendid Anita Strindberg - who was at the time also well known in International films- as a beauty who's brutally murdered at the beginning of the movie, but is often coming back in mostly hallucinating and psychedelic erotic flash back's filmed with impressive virtuouso camera's work, and giving to the plot a fascinating 'Hitchcockian' suspense, with a story telling that dazzles into the most obscure shades of the subconscious, creating an atmosphere that stands the test of time, also, i must add with the enormous help provided by an absolutely outstanding original music score composed with a jazzy chill out 'tempo' by the great ENNIO MORRICONE (recently awarded with an Oscar for his incredible International career in films of enormous diversity and quite a few classics) who shines as usual providing themes that not only enhance the story, but are quite evocative of the time and fashion style. There's also another outstanding contribution from Academy Award winning Carlo Rambaldi, a true master of special effects, and, here working with Fulci, while in a few years he would have been spotted also by Coppola and Spielberg (their most successful collaboration was E.T. in 1981), just based on his exceptional work in Italian genre's movies like this one. It is one to enjoy all the way through, especially for all Giallo fans, but for audiences in search of a different movie night, as well! I attached below 2 beautiful video clips of the main music theme of the movie composed, of course, by Ennio Morricone, and rich with wildly visual, and, just retro, wonderful artsy images coming from this classic cult piece "A LIZARD IN A WOMAN'S SKIN" to rediscover !


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