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Although Fox's dimensional,military, sci-fi drama "Fringe" is as dead as an alternate earth shapeshifter, it's impact on pop culture and prime time television can still be felt. It was the latest in a string of the military sci fi genre and had again base that kept it alive for five seasons.

From it's themes of sense of self to spirituality, family, aren't new to the genre and is part of a tradition of these TV series.

SPACE-ABOVE AND BEYOND: A stepping off point for the Fox network into military sci fi, this series delved into issues such as honor, loyalty, service, and racism. Probably one of the most militarily oriented of the genre, it wasn't afraid to delve into concepts of corporate cronyism, political manipulation of the military and confrontation of comrades in arms. Sadly, for Fox this was a one season only show.

EXOSQUAD: This animated series delved into subjects not normal for Saturday mornings. In what would seem to be a prophetic vision for today's current conflicts humanity as it expands it's boundaries creates it's own perfect enemies Ina genetically engineered race that initially see mankind than revolts. From concepts such as racial equality loyalty to race versus duty, and the impact of losing a team member during conflict. Although animated this series held as much weight as it's live action counterparts.

STARGATE SG 1: From the cramped quarters of an American Air Force secret base to use of grenades and machine guns this fan favorite seemed the closest to Earth as far as these shows went. Making visits to other worlds seem as easy as a walk through a door, this series delved into religion, loyalty to other beings vs. loyalty to country, survival of species, and the priorities of governments(both terrestrial and alien) above their own people. It's strong cast and usage of well timed humor kept this series on the air for ten seasons.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (2004) - Although far removed in some ways from its 70's predecessor, this version of BSG looked hard into the toll warfare has on human beings, people of different faiths serving together,and the role the military has in the political structure of a people. The characters in this series did not always have the luxury of pure black and white choices,and sometimes it was hard to cheer for the heroes, but it wasn't afraid to pull the punches it threw.

As long as we look to the stars and try to make sense of the conflicts around the military sci fi genre is and embedded part of our

pop culture.


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