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Mr. Green arrow himself being called racist ?!??? Seriously ???? For defending the state of Texas being full of ignorant hicks ? Where does this double standard end ? Let's get this straight please. A Muslim individual gets "harassed" for bringing in a clock in a concealed container often used to house an explosive device commonly used by extremist terrorists attempting to commit mass murder on innocent victims. Then, then our genius leader wants to invite him to the white house, and Mr. FACEBOOK himself offers him a job. Because he can make a fuckng clock. Wow. Ok so let's send a universal message of solidarity to all burgeoning terrorists that not only is it ok to design and build, and carry a concealed weapon of destruction..but it's encouraged. And as a reward you will be givin a presidential citation, be invited to the Whitehorse, and then be flown by private jet to an inyerview with facebook corporation. Our green arrow is a dedicated advocate for charities, a patriot and Role model we should all strive for. But is now labeled a racist . By whom I ask ? This political correctness is destroying the very fiber of ideals of which makes this country great. We have gone to War for much less than is going on in our county right now. I'm disgusted. The media makes bullshit like this breaking news. Meanwhile hunreds of thousands Americans go to bed homeless and hungry. War veterans who battle terrorism suffer untreated PTSD and struggle with daily like. Veterans lose their homes Every day after deployment. For being Hero's so all you pussy ass liberals can eat your EBT bon-bons while trolling FB calling people racist for not trusting Muslims. We are AT WAR !!!!! The enemy is dishonest and use children as suicide bombers. Sorry for my occasional hesitation. I'm not a racist, I am a realist. How Do you fight an enemy that hides behind children and radicalism ???!! This country needs a colon cleansing . It frightens me to say Donald trump may try to rescue our country. Not from enemies, terrorism, or nuclear proliferation, but our current, most deadly weapon in History....ourselves.

If you actually read my entire rant. Thank you. And opinions and or criticism are equally welcome.


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