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5.) Pamela Vorhees from Friday the 13th (1980)

“Kill her, mommy. Kill her! Don’t let her get away, mommy. Don’t let her live!”

“I won’t, Jason. I won’t!”

Pamela Voorhess (played by Betsy Palmer) is well known and loved by many classic and modern horror fans alike. She was the secondary protagonist of the series as a whole and the main antagonist of the first Friday the 13th film. While she was the cook at Camp Crystal Lake, she is also known as Jason Voorhees’s mother, swearing revenge on all of the camp counselors after the death of her son, which appears at the end of the film after Alice Hardy (played by Adrienne King) beheads Mrs. Voorhees, leaving the film open for a sequel, of course.

R.I.P Betsy Palmer. You are missed by all.

4.) Ash Williams from The Evil Dead (1981)

Ash (played by Bruce Campbell) is also a VERY popular and well known character in the horror universe. With his chainsaw hand, the famous saying “groovy” and his boom stick, he’s among the most popular horror icons of the early '80s. He first appeared in The Evil Dead (1981) and also starred in Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness and is currently starring in the new Ash vs. Evil Dead, which will premiere on Starz this Fall.

3.) Chucky (Charles Lee Ray) from Child's Play (1988)

“Close your eyes and count to seven, when you wake you’ll be in Heaven.”

The Child’s Play movies were very popular among the '80s horror crowd. Chucky has become a beloved icon from the '80s to modern day. For those of you who already know the story, you already know that Chucky was originally Charles Lee Ray, but referred to in the movies as the Lakeshore Strangler. Charles Lee Ray appears at the beginning of the first Child’s Play film. When a detective guns him down in a local toy store, he then uses the Heart of Damballa to pass his dying soul into a Good Guy doll where he later adopts the nickname “Chucky.”

2.) Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

“Welcome to primetime, bitch!”

If you don’t know who this guy is, then you’re missing out big time. Freddy Krueger, also known as Frederick Charles (played by Robert Englund), was a child murderer and the main antagonist in A Nightmare On Elm Street. His title was actually the “Springwood Slasher.” When he was finally found and caught, he was released on a technicality, but the parents of the dead children of Springwood didn’t like that, so they took matters into there own hands by burning him alive. In death, he manifested into a horrible demon who went into the dreams of the children of Springwood and killed them. The motto of the series is: "You die in your dreams, then you die in real life.”

1.) Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th part 2

Jason Voorhees, the son of Pamela Voorhees as I mentioned before at the top of the article, is the main antagonist of the Friday the 13th franchise. If you’re a fan of the franchise, then you already know he’s a psychotic madman who haunts Camp Crystal Lake to avenge the death of his beloved mother. With that in mind, he is driven to slaughter absolutely anyone who crosses his path. He is and always will be an unstoppable, undead killing machine.


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