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Here is my final article on needed superhero reboots. There are some of the choices that have for some reason been forgotten and others have been way overdue a reboot.

1. The Crow

Who could ever forget Brandon Lee's The Crow back in 1994. It was without a shadow of a doubt one of the best independent superhero/anti-hero movies of all time. Not only was it a brilliant movie with its dark undertone and unapologetic violence but the story itself was simply immense. Brandon Lee was simply sublime as Eric Draven (The Crow). He was a character that you rooted for in every way, not only because he was getting revenge on the criminals who killed his partner but was also a caring person...especially to those he knew before he died. Sure there have been two sequels but they were simply poor compared to its predecessor. The Crow was a financial success and would of initially propelled Lee to superstardom if it was not for his accidental death.

Brandon Lee was outstanding as Eric Draven.

The Crow director Alex Proyas had planned for a trilogy with Lee as a permanent Crow "Protector" With Lee helping the innocent people of Detroit. Now as I said before, there was four so called sequels but for me it's all about the original. The Crow remake has been in development hell for years. But I have to say I am surprised by this. The 1994 movie was an original masterpiece but also had depth to continue in the same universe as Eric Draven but Miramax (owned the Crow) wanted incarnations instead of using the name Eric Draven. Now I can understand that to an extent. One, because of Lee's death but also they felt it would keep the audience interested in new characters. However, if you change the protagonist in every movie without the chance to develop a sequel it's hard to be interested for long. I can guarantee that you would not know the name of the main hero in The Crow: City of Angels or The Crow: Stairway to Heaven. If a reboot gets made then it has to be about Eric Draven and Eric Draven only.

Eric Draven in the comics by IDW.

Once a reboot gets made then the new Crow should relish the role. The Crow is a awesome superhero with exceptional gifts such as...enhanced strength, cat like reflexes, advanced healing factors, resistance to pain and injury, shares eyes with the Crow, can.transform into the Crow (in the comics only) and telepathy. If the Crow is made like anything from the 1994 movie then Eric Draven will be a household name in the superhero world.

2. Howard the Duck

Yes, Howard the Duck should get a reboot for two simple reasons. One, in making a reboot, Disney can rectify everything about the 1986 movie which was.....terrible. The second reason is the target market. Since Howard the Duck is owned by Disney/Marvel his character should be targeted for the young children primarily. However, there would be a number of adults more than interested in checking Howard out (in the movies).

Ever since we saw the end credits cameo of Howard you can assume that we will see him soon. Hopefully we will see a better story and actual realistic Duck unlike the 1986 movie.

3. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Alan Moore wrote a brilliant story involving the League. It had a dark path in which included rape, murder and racism. However, it was ironically a realistic view on society in the 1940's (which he the League is set). But it also had......Aliens. At the end of the story it was the League fighting an alien invasion. So when the 2003 movie came out every hardcore fan was excited but unfortunately their excitement was fizzled out due to the WHOLE story being a weak and paid no attention to Moore novel. However, Stephen Norrington who directed the movie had a vision of a trilogy. But he had one big problem from the start of production....Sean Connery. Norrington and Connery clashed over the script with Connery demanding most of the screentime which led to rewrites. Connery would also demand that the original concept of the story to be changed due to him not liking the "image" of Alan Quatermain (Connerys character).

So after the movie was released it was predictably panned by critics. Afterwards the planned sequels never materialised. However a reboot has been commissioned but only as a TV series. Hopefully it will be a successful series which spawns a movie.

4. He - Man

He - Man is a very marketable franchise if done correctly. It has plenty of characters and has a entire universe on its own. Credit to DC Comics for distributing the comics of Masters of the Universe. It is a brilliant read and to those who are of the older generation (like me) will look at it with fond memories. A reboot needs to be made because the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie was a crime against the franchise and cinema itself. I mean seriously, as I said before you had an entire story within Eternia but what did they do? Go to Earth?! Very lazy and Gary Goddard the director missed everything about what made Masters so great. Now, with CGI and a already huge fantasy it's time for the Masters to return.

5. Daredevil

Credit to Marvel/Netflix for making a fantastic series in Daredevil. I was fearing that we would never see the Man Without Fear on the screen at all after the debacle of Ben Afflecks Daredevil. As Marvel stated that their mini series are all connected with each other the possibility of having a mainstream movie again is possible. The possibilities are endless for Daredevil.

The Armoured Daredevil.
The Hand Daredevil.

Anyone who is a Daredevil fan would love to see a mainstream movie. Hopefully in time we will.

6. Timecop

Jean Claude Van Damme's Timecop was based on Dark Horse's title of the same name. It was Van Damme's biggest grossing movie and was a financial success worldwide. Would a Timecop reboot be good in today's market? Absolutely yes. With the Superhero fandom at an all time high it would be smart to develop a reboot that has shades of Minority Report about it.

7. Jonah Hex

Josh Brolin is a brilliant actor who was waisted in his role as Jonah Hex in 2010. The movie had so many potholes and the character development was none existent. It was one of WBs critical failures when it really should never of been.

What WB should of concentrated on is the connection of Hex to Gotham...the Waynes...and Arkham to the ancestors of Metropolis. Infact it should of been a prequel to the DCU.


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