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Alisha Grauso

After speculation started swirling around yesterday when Jenna Coleman announced she would be leaving the role of Clara Oswald on Doctor Who, the BBC have officially confirmed it today.

While also confirming she'd be leaving mid-series, the statement did not reveal which episode is set to be Coleman's last, nor how her story will end.

My guess is that her story arc will come to a conclusion in the back to back fifth and sixth episodes, "The Girl Who Died" and "The Woman Who Lived." Clara has always been defined by her role as The Impossible Girl, always with the Doctor's needs driving her actions. Last season, she started to chafe at the idea of living entirely for the Doctor and started to try to live for herself. It would be fitting and symbolic if the "impossible girl" forever defined by her relationship with the Doctor, metaphorically died and a woman who lives for herself rose from the ashes. Or...maybe not metaphorically, since this is Doctor Who, after all.

Who knows? Regardless, it was made clear after last season that there wasn't much more to tried with Clara's story arc that hadn't already been done. And will the Doctor find a new companion, or will he travel alone for a time?

Doctor Who series 9 premieres on BBC and BBC America on Saturday, September 19.


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