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Hi guys. I make a lot of YouTube videos. In fact I've been doing so for over a year now and I've got over 3,000 subscribers. Which I'm insanely proud of. But I want to to take it to the next level. And I sincerely feel, MoviePilot is just that. So with that being said, enjoy the article!

So a couple of weeks ago we heard the rumour that Ezra Miller's costume for the FLASH will have a "Post apocalyptic" look and feel to it. Now honestly this doesn't make a lot of sense considering what we've seen thus far for Batman v Superman is that it's not going to be a post apocalyptic type of battle. Now granted we haven't seen the full movie or even a lengthy trailer for that matter. But honestly what really could devastate the whole world so badly and affect Barry Allen to a degree where he has to change his costume to make it look war torn. Now the key word would be "change" which I don't see Barry Allen making a post apocalyptic costume from the get go unless of course he becomes the Flash post apocalyptic event.

Now let me stop rambling and get to the meat of this article. So what does the Flash have? Time travel. That's right one of the best powers/devices that Flash has accessible to him is that he can time travel. Now another thing is that we've seen the origin story very recently for the Flash on his own TV series. But remember, the TV audience is a very small number in comparison to the movies' so I would say that this isn't all that big. Although wouldn't WB feel the need to differentiate the two properties? And what best way to do it with potentially bringing in a Flash from the future!?

Now what could cause Barry Allen to be from the future? Well a full list of things really including Darkseid having torn Earth apart, Reverse Flash etc. The list is pretty damn long when you think about it.

But it does make sense as to why exactly the Flash could have a "Post apocalyptic" feel to his costume and it could excellently give us a new take on a live action Flash that is vastly different to what's going on with Flash over in his TV series. And remember, when time travel is used right (X-Men: Days Of Future Past) It's used RIGHT!


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