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I have been going through all the movies I love and have distilled them down to this 20 long list. All are films that I have and can watch over and over and enjoy each and every time, not get distracted and drift off.

These are not in any real order or anything so lets start off without any more nattering.

1. Ghostbusters

Such a classic I have a need to watch it every time I see that it is coming on TV. As well as a few times during the year as well, I haven't got any complaints about it, everything to me is perfect if anything was rated this would be number 1.

2. Kairo

One of my all time favorite horror films, brings out a sense of despair and loneliness, love the soundtrack as well topped with the way the terror was filmed. It was remade....but we shall never talk of that..thing...again.

3. Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978

This movie has always got to me, the brilliant acting of all involved just added to the suspense you feel, and a beautifully dark ending! A classic of its time.

4. Attack the Gas Station

An incredibly funny and action based Korean Film, about a small group of friends who decided to rob the same gas station they did one year prior. All based on that one night and with a great story behind it.

5. They Live

This is how the world feels sometimes, trapped and manipulated by something beyond your sight. John Carpenter created something amazing here.

6. Friday the 13th Jason Lives

I could have included any Friday the 13th here as I do love most of the series (my favorite screen slasher) but i've gone with Jason Lives for a couple of reasons.
1-its got violence and comedy with some amazing deaths and it brought back Tommy vs Jason and 2-It was the return of Jason from the dead!

7. Lost in Translation

Bill Murray is amazing but we all know that. I also love Japan so that combo plus Scarlett just adds more and more to its brilliance then add the superb script etc and its the perfect movie to relax too.

8. Halloween

Such a perfect movie for Halloween, embodied the boogeyman completely. I still think this is one of the only Halloween movies, Rob Zombies remake to me is just another slasher movies but this is a classic it created something dark and truly evil.

9. The Thing

Another masterpiece by Carpenter. Can't help but watch this numerous times, isolation and an alien who can look just like them...

10. Mallrats

Hard choice between Kevin Smith films but I need to choose one and this was the first one I ever saw late night on TV and that got me into his films, but this one includes all the greats, 3 nipple lady, stink palming and jay and silent bob..

11. Masquerade of the Red Death

Again with the choosing, Vincent Price has done so many great horrors but I have to go with this one, its so well made and flowing with the evilness that Vincent Price brings to his movies.

12. Die Hard

Had to pick between Die Hard and Lethal Weapon..I love Lethal Weapon but John McClane won this battle, so much to enjoy in this film, the one liners, villains and actually showing us the hero taking damage as he fights back..

13. Se7en

One of the best serial killer films made. the dark and gritty filming style adds to the already dark tale of the sin killing murderer.

14. Jurassic Park

Who didn't love Jurassic Park? I remember seeing this on the big screen and even with the sequels nothing still compares for me to the original.

15. Batman The Dark Knight

My favorite of Nolan's Trilogy. Even though the Joker isn't as brutal as the comics in some ways Ledger still brought something dark and twisted to the role that it needed. Saw it I think 6 times at the cinema..

16. Exiled

Watched this at the film festival and it gave me ideas for my own gangster based film. It has so many great moments all through it and a great cast as well.

17. The Fly 1986

Gross and it had Goldblum in it, not much is needed to make this even better, a more twisted version of the original film.

18. Memories of Murder

How crime films should be. So much about this film kicks ass, and the actors do such a great job of keeping the story flowing through out the film. Based on true events it captures how I think it would have been back then trying to catch this sicko.

19. Departures

A beautiful film in such ranks to me as Lost in Translation, something peaceful and calming to watch to relax with, a incredibly well written story that shows another side to Japan.

20. Cannibal Holocaust

To me this is the ultimate and best found footage style film! And also has some amazing effects and a story that twists a moral with the gore and violence.

That concludes my list, I am just trying to work out my top TV shows at the moment and will post when I figure it out.


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