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A Lot of shows has those character's who always steal the spotlight and steal the fan's heart they're refer as the Breakout Star who the fan's favorite and love by many other's that's why i'm goint to show you the 13 best breakout star of all time, here we go:

14. Spike - Buffyverse

Originally as an Villain in a few episode, Spike become one of the Buffyverse favorite character's on the show including as a series regular on season 4th onward and he's also became an main character of the Angel Spin Off final season.

13. Michelle Tanner - Full House

80's favorite little blonde played by the Olsen Twins in their first acting debut know for her catchphrase "You Got it Dude" and she even spawned some novel spin off along with her sister Stephanie after the show ended in 1995.

12. Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl

Blair was the series' most critically acclaimed character, earning mainstream media recognition from Forbes, Rolling Stone, Variety,and numerous other periodicals. The character was acclaimed as having "stolen the spotlight" in the first season. Her wardrobe garnered real-life coverage from fashion outlets and she has been cited as a trend-setter outside of the show.

11. Dylan McKay - Beverly Hills 90210

Dylan was your typical Millionaire Bad Boy Loner coming from a Beverly Hills High School until he befriend with the "Gang" and he's fan favorites to all the girls who has a crush on him in the 90's even if he was played by Luke Perry.

10. Stewie Griffin - Family Guys

One of many Evil Baby you ever meet, Stewie is one of the best character's from the show and have more episode focused on him including fellow fan favorite Bryan.

9. Ron Swanson - Park and Recreation

Ron was originally a background character. He soon became what critics called the show's "secret weapon, and he quickly became a scene-stealer, noted for his frequent deadpan comedy and machismo.

8. Castiel - Supernatural

Castiel was originally conceived for a short six-episode story arc at the beginning of the show's fourth season. By the time the fourth season came to a close, not only had the character quickly become a favorite among fans, but he was subsequently upgraded from his previous supporting status to a series star.

7. Phil Coulson - Agents of Shield

Even Thought he originate in the MCU beginning in Iron Man (2008), i include him in this list since he became a well known character and got adapted for the main Marvel universe and being the star of ABC Agent's of Shield.

6. Barney Stinson - How I Met Your Mother

Admit it the show will become popular with Stinson who became a scene-stealer and has been credited for much of the show's success and he's everybody favorite womanizer on TV especially if he's played by Neil Patrick Harris.

5. Sheldon Cooper - The Big Bang Theory

TV favorite Nerd of 21th Century and an huge Star Trek Fan, Sheldon is a Child Prodigy who has a excellent IQ and known every pop culture and Trivia and he even loved the Vulcan Salute.

4. Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead

Known for his redneck attitude and his skill of crossbow, Daryl is definitely the one of the best character on the know even thought he didn't existed on the comic source material and hell if he died on this upcoming season we TWD will riot.

3. The Fonz - Happy Days

Fonz originally began as a fringe character, but quickly evolved into the focal point of the series. His character became the best friend to the main character, Richie Cunningham and then became the main star after Howard left the show to pursue directing.

2. Steve Urkel - Family Matter's

Originally as an one shot character episode in his debut episode during the show's first season in 1989. Urkel became so popular that he became a regular cast member from season two forward, practically synonymous with the series and also spawned a Cereal, an Doll, an official Urkel Dance and he even guest in other show of the TGIF like Full House and Step by Step and he's best know for his iconic catchphrase "Did i Do That".

1. Spock - Star Trek

I List him as 1# on the list out of respect of the late Leonard Nimoy, Spock is Nerd/Geek/Trekkie favorite Vulcan was the only character to appear in every episode, the animated series and the original cast movies and every child growing up watching the show wanted to become as him on Halloween and Comic Con.


Who's your favorite character on this list??


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