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In the year 2001 our childhoods changed forever, we no longer wanted to grow up to be doctors and astronauts, we now wanted to recieve a letter from Hogwarts and cast spells. We all grew up along with the wonderful wizards themselves. As the Harry Potter movies and books came to an emotional ending for us all, I still wonder as some of you may, what are the stars of the most adored story ever told been doing since the beloved series ended?

Since the end of the series in 2011 Radcliffe has been a part of many other projects such as, his first mature film

role after Harry Potter, starred in the 2012 gothic horror thriller The Woman in Black. He played a widowed lawyer and father who gets mixed up in some disturbing supernatural trouble. Venturing into lighter fare, Radcliffe also hosted the popular comedy show Saturday Night Live that same year.

Radcliffe also began working an interesting project for British television in 2012. In A Young Doctor's Notebook, he plays the title character who is shadowed throughout each episode by an older version of himself portrayed by Jon Hamm. The series was such a success with audiences that it was renewed for a second season.

Back on the big screen, Radcliffe continued to shed his wizard boy image. He portrayed famed Beat poet Allen Ginsberg during his younger years in Kill Your Darlings (2013). The film also features Elizabeth Olsen, Michael C. Hall and Ben Foster. In 2014, he took on the role of Ignatius Perrish, the prime suspect in the rape and murder of his girlfriend, in the supernatural thriller Horns. The same year, in a lighter rom-com, he starred as Wallace opposite Zoe Kazan in What If.

Ruper Grint
In addition to his work in the Harry Potter films, Grint has also appeared in several other film roles. He starred in the 2002 kid comedy Thunderpants, and appeared in the well-reviewed 2006 coming-of-age tale Driving Lessons, which Grint called "the first grown-up thing I'd ever really done." Grint then struck out into decidedly new territory with the 2009 film Cherrybomb, a less-than-wholesome story in which Grint plays a teenager experimenting with drugs, sex and violence. The film also includes Grint's first intimate bedroom scene. "It was very nerve-racking and not remotely sexy because the set-up is so mechanical," Grint said. "It's a very adult role, just the kind of thing I want to do more of."

Emma Watson
Maintaining her commitment to her education, Watson enrolled as a freshman at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island in the fall of 2009. Watson claimed she chose an American university over a British education because the American system allows students to study many subjects at once. Brown was also a place, Watson said, where she could more easily blend in. “I want to be normal,” she said. "I really want anonymity."

In March 2011 Watson announced that she was deferring her schooling to work on the Potter finale. In July 2011, Watson announced her plans to return to Brown for a year to complete her degree after studying at Oxford University in the fall.

Whatever Watson chooses to do in the future, she has a head start on her peers, having earned $15 million a piece from just the two most recent Harry Potter films. Watson starred in The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012), one of the many projects that she's taken on after the conclusion of the Harry Potter series.

Tom Felton

In between shoots he filmed independent horror movies The Disappeared (2008), Night Wolf (2010), and The Apparition (2012) with Twilight's Ashley Greene. It was directly after completing his filming on "Harry Potter" that he landed his roles in Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) and From the Rough (2013). His newest projects are In Secret (2013), Fangs of War and Attachment.

In between acting gigs, Tom still manages times with his music. He is one of the founding owners and talent of Six String Productions, a recording company devoted to signing young musical artists overlooked by the major recording industry.

James and Oliver Phelps

Outside of acting, James has worked as a runner on the Potter sets, and other film productions, such as The Da Vinci Code.[1] In 2009, the twins appeared as brothers in the 5th episode of the 3rd season of TV series Kingdom. In 2012, they starred in "A Mind's Eye," a short documentary film based on the philosophical ideas of Plato.[2]

The brothers have also been involved in the Harry Potter Exhibition; they were present during its 2009 official opening in Chicago and have since followed its tour around different cities and countries to promote it. Their second tour was a solo one around Thailand.

In January 2014, both went to the Harry Potter Celebration in Orlando, with Evanna Lynch, Matthew Lewis and Devon Murray. They also made a LiveCast, where they answered fans' questions and talked about the expansion at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where the fans can go to the Diagon Alley, summer 2014.

Robbie Coltrane

Frequently plays giants and has to wear padding, lifts, and has to be shot from below, in such film as the "Harry Potter" series, where he played "Hagrid", and in Van Helsing (2004), where he was generated into a computer to play a bear-sized "Mr. Hyde".

Has appeared in eight films opposite a former member of Monty Python's Flying Circus. His cast mate in Nuns on the Run (1990) and National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985) was Eric Idle. He appeared in The World Is Not Enough (1999), Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001), and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002), all of which also starred John Cleese. He also appeared in Billy Connolly: A BAFTA Tribute (2002), A Night of Comic Relief 2 (1989) and The Secret Policeman's Biggest Ball (1989), all of which featured Michael Palin.

Harry Melling has been up to a lot since the Harry Potter series ended!

2011 When Did You Last See My Mother? Ian Trafalgar Studios

2012 I Am a Camera Christopher Isherwood Southwark Playhouse

2013 Smack Family Robinson Sean Robinson Rose Theatre, Kingston

2013 The Hothouse Lamb Trafalgar Studios

2013 King Lear Fool Minerva Theatre, Chichester

2014 King Lear Fool Brooklyn Academy of Music

2014 Peddling Boy HighTide Festival/59E59

2014 The Angry Brigade Morris/Commander/Prophet/Snitch/Manager/Jim Theatre Royal, Plymouth / Oxford Playhouse / Warwick Arts Centre / Watford Palace Theatre.

Evanna Lynch

She continues to pursue acting and does charity work for organizations such as the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland and The Harry Potter Alliance, of which she is a member of the Board of Advisors.


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