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It's been a little over a year and a month since I started writing for Moviepilot, one of the best decisions I've ever made. While I do fancy myself a DC fan over Marvel (I still like both, but Marvel just feels kitschy to me), it's interesting to note that 53/99 of my articles are Marvel related. Probably because Marvel has more updates than DC, but whatever. The point is that I've had 99 articles, and because this is my 100th, I figured I'd be ~deep~ and ~emotional~ and talk about . . .

Fact: I love the Office
Fact: I love the Office

So let me begin the super duper interesting story of my life:

My name is Oliver Queen. For five years I was stranded on an island with only one goal: survive. Now I will fulfill my father's dying wish. To use the list of names he left me and - nah. The few of you that are reading this are probably getting bored so I'll actually start now.

Where I Was

Flashback to 2012 now, I knew nothing, and I mean nothing MCU-wise. I thought Thanos was Ultron, had no regard for the rights issues, and realized 4% of what a big deal The Avengers was. I had seen The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises (without even knowing about Batman Begins). Sufficed to say, superheroes were not my thing.

So in January 2014, a cousin of mine told me I should get into comics. The thing is: I'd wanted to do that for a couple months now. Right off the bat, I knew I preferred DC over Marvel and Batman was my favourite character (but please distance me from those psychotic fanboys - I know Batman doesn't win everything). So I found a great recommended reading list to start Batman comics. Starting with Batman: Year One, The Long Halloween, and countless others, my Batman trivia grew and grew. I was at the top of my game. I Wikipedia'd the hell out of superhero articles and their subsequent movies and TV shows, so I finally understood where everything stood, on and off the page.

Imagine it's August 2014 now, and I have a rough but decent understanding of the MCU and the mini DCEU. I was scrolling through some random site (probably Tumblr) and came across an article about Batman v Superman (no idea what it was for though). It led me to Moviepilot, where I immediately recognized a large button that said POST. And so I joined. I click clacked away, using my knowledge of Civil War and Wikipedia's knowledge of the Infinity Gauntlet, and produced one fine as hell article. Read it here. I was insanely proud of it and seeing my views go up by a couple dozen every day made me heart smile. Think about it: people online are reading your work by choice. Who is this person? It's possible you never know! They could be your neighbour, they could be your teacher, they could be some bored student in Japan. And that's something that kept me coming back.

And so I wrote these articles. In the beginning, I had bi-weekly articles, something that would really catch my attention and I had to say something about it. About a month after my first article, I got into writing news pieces, big or small. If there was a stunt double on set (meaning there would be an action sequence with them), I would write about it. If a star said they'd be back after _____________, I would write about it. In between, I would write about things that I wanted to see, or something that I thought would happen, but not too much.

After about 8 months of writing like that, I toned the news down a bit and did some work on my own ideas to show how ~in touch~ I am with my ~emotions~. I would still report that an actress wanted a role, but now I would talk about which role she's suited for. Now, I mainly write theory pieces (with very little news), such as Fox forcing Marvel to kill their Quicksilver, whether or not a bunch of DC movies would get sequels, and Kryptonite cannons in Batman v Superman. The point is, my writing's evolved a lot and I can thank Moviepilot users and staff for that.

Where It's Taken Me

In the past year, I've gotten a lot farther than I would've thought. Around February of this year, I wrote an article about an Infinity Gauntlet mug (which has now been cancelled :( but might be brought back next year :) ). This mug turned out to be an exclusive item for a company called Entertainment Earth. Turns out, when everyone went to take a look at the mug on their website, it cause a big spike in their website traffic and generated tons of sales. So about two days after the post went up, I was contacted by some people at Entertainment Earth, who wanted me to join their Affiliate Program (write about their products, get commission), and additionally, to do reviews for them. They would send me a product, I would play around with it, and share my thoughts with all of you. If you hadn't noticed, I reviewed a few things for them already, such as this Thanos action figure and Howard the Duck Pop! Vinyl Figure, these two Electronic Avengers Action Figures, and this Batman Cookie Jar (with another review on the way). Along with these, I've been doing normal affiliate promoting for that cancelled mug, a statue of Superman's first appearance, an X-Men statue sale that you all missed out on, a cool Deadpool statue, another Pop! Vinyl Figure, and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler action figures (because who doesn't need that?).

A little bit of promotion here, but in all seriousness, when other sites are sold out of a product (especially Force Friday things), head to Entertainment Earth - they'll probably have it in stock and ship it out the same day.

It's not just my online writing that's been getting better, my writing in school has been getting a lot better. I feel I can translate my personality better in words now.


Didn't an image of me just pop up into your brain? That's funny, because you don't know what I look like, but that extremely accurate explanation of me probably told you everything you need to know!

For real now, my writing has gotten a lot better. I actually recently submitted a short story to a publishing company to, well, publish in one of their short story collections, and next month, guess who's gonna be in that book? I'll save you the JIm Halpert gif and just say it: This guy!

Where It Will Take Me

Not literal world domination, but good enough at writing that I could if I wanted to. I have Darkseid on speed dial if any of you step out of line. But until that happens, I'll be chilling here with a laptop burning my thighs and letting my writing get better and my superhero collection also get bigger and bigger.

So that's what I've spent the past year doing in my free time, I hope my ~riveting~ story kept you on the edge of your seats.

Now let's close off with some quick facts about me:

DC > Marvel

TV Shows > Movies

Show I'm Watching/Watched: 30 Rock, American Dad, American Horror Story, Arrested Development, Arrow, Black-ish, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Community, Family Guy, Fresh Off the Boat, Friends, Gotham, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Modern Family, New Girl, Orange is the New Black, Parks and Recreation, Portlandia, Pretty Little Liars (although I regret it greatly), Supergirl, The Big Bang Theory, The Flash, The Office (my all time favourite show), Trophy Wife, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Favourite DC Characters: Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter

Favourite Marvel Characters: Scarlet Witch, Vision, Dr. Doom

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments or email me at [email protected] (it's a Grade 6 email so let's not question it).

PS If you're going to buy something from Entertainment Earth, just hit me up with an email and I'll give you a ~special~ link to that item so that I can get commission :)))


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