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So hello everybody I personally think the Avengers would beat the Justice league well depending on what teams we have.

So the Avengers team is Captain America, Thor,Iron man,Hulk,Black Widow, Hawkeye,Vision,Scarlet witch, Quicksilver,Black Panther,Ms.Marvel, Ant man , War machine,and Namor.

And the Justice league are Batman, Shazam,Green lantern,Superman, Black canary, Green arrow, Martianmanhunter, Zatana,the Flash, Wonder woman,Super girl, the Atom, Cyborg and Aqua man.

So Cap beats Batman after possibly a long fight.

Thor and Shazam fight,Thor hits Shazam with his lightning and he transforms back to Billy Batson.

Iron man uses the Bleeding edge armor and beats Green Lantern silly.

Hulk v.s Superman can go either way, but Superman doesn't kill people and Bruce is still a person.

Black Widow v.s Black canary which would be a epic battle but I think Natasha would win.

Hawkeye v.s Green arrow if Clint and Oliver just shoot at each other Clint is a better archer hands down,but in hand to hand combat it could go either way.

Vision v.s Martian manhunter,Vision has an infinity stone in his head that shoots laser beams for crying out loud, and Martian manhunter has a weakness to fire.

Scarlet witch v.s Zatana I'm sure Wanda's magic is stronger than Zatana's.

The Flash v.s Quicksilver is a know brainer Barry or Wally beats Pietro.

Thats one of the Justice league's only loss ends.

Black Panther v.s Wonder woman you say i'm crazy 'cause you didn't think they both know every fighting style ever,Black panther has a vibranium crafted suit and Diana's bracletts were made by Hephastus himself,so yah that's a good fight.Not to mention this

Silver surfer is way more powerful than Wonder woman.

Ms.Marvel v.s Super girl this fight can go either way.

Ant man v.s the Atom is another tie the only advantage the Atom has is that he can fly and Ant man needs ants to fly.

War machine v.s Cyborg, I say War machine due to the fact that Jarvis can most likely hack Cyborg, and Rhodee is part of the air force which requires specialized training in hand- to-hand combat.

Last but not least is Namor v.s Aqua man I have to say Namor due to more experience reffering to taking down Hydra with the Invaders and this

And this

And that's why Namor wins.

So do you agree feel free to leave comments,and have a great life.

Any questions here's my email [email protected]


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