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It is no secret that the LGBT community have been fans of the show Once Upon a Time since it's conception. However, many have been vocal about the fact that while "true love" is a subject used often on the show, the love of someone of the same gender is not represented among all the princes and princesses of the fairy tale show. Who doesn't want to see a happy ending that they can relate to?

Mulan in Once Upon a Time+
Mulan in Once Upon a Time+

Showrunners Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis have already confirmed in the past that the character Mulan, portrayed by Jamie Chung, is in fact a lesbian who had fallen in love with Princess Aurora. With her returning to the show this coming season, they decided to explore a relationship with two women. Speaking about the issue, the two had this to say:

Eddy: "We know that community have been big supporters of the show and we would love to be able to tell a love story that reflects that."

Adam: "We want the show to reflect the world as it is now. Whether that’s going to be with any particular character, we’re not going to say."

Eddy: "But it is something that we’re going to do this year."

Adam: "It’s something we think is due and important to do on the show. This is the world we live in."

With Sarah Bolger having already returned to the show portraying Aurora as a loving wife and doting mother, it does seem as though the relationship between her and Mulan may not be the one that is explored. However, it has been announced that Jamie will be returning to the show over the course of a few episodes, including both the first and second half of the season.

Perhaps we will get to see Mulan's happy ending after all?

Once Upon a Time returns to ABC Sunday, September 27th.

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