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A few days ago I replied to a post about the future of TWD. I was told it was good and decided to expand upon it as my my first post. Be warned, I have no affiliation with TWD not do I have any contacts therein. The statements I make are purely my opinion and should be taken as such.

Ok, so first thing is first, I have only read the comics up to roughly where we are in the show. I choose to do this to avoid spoiling the show for myself. This being said my opinion is based solely upon the current situation of the characters in the show. First off, season 6 will begin shortly and as shows go the rumor mills and theory spouters are going into overtime at this point.

Now, TWD is one of my favorite shows in TV and as I read some of these reviews I begin to wonder, how long do we have left with this great show? In my opinion, sadly, I do not believe we have another 6 seasons. Now before you start grabbing for your Colt handguns and crossbows please allow me the chance to explain. Two reasons above all else lead me to feel as I do. So, to begin, Fear the walking dead.

Fear, as I will call it from here forward, is a great show. I am already vested in the characters and though I still have more questions than answers right now I understand the show has only had 3 episodes thus far. So, why do j feel Fear is a reason why TWD will not last much longer? Well for two major reasons. First and foremost is original thought.

“We are nothing but echoes. We have no thoughts of our own, no opinions of our own, we are but a compost heap made up of the decayed heredities, moral and physical.”
-Mark Twain

Mark Twain meant that we can only re-envision what has already been done. Which I believe is true. So if it is true then how long can we possibly have a group of writers come up with "original" ideas for 2 shows with the same subject matter in the same universe? It is taxing to come up with new material. Most shows that fail do so because of weak story. Thinning out your writing staff to work on multiple projects can have that effect on a shows longevity.

My second reason is reality. I know, thinking realistically about an unrealistic scenario is insanity right? No, not really. Any good show with an unrealistic story still has to be grounded in reality so we, the viewing masses, can relate to it. Without that realism a show will ultimately fail. Now, where does reality make me feel we are past the shows mid-series point? For that we have to look at what we know of the world of TWD and the virus that caused the walkers to exist.

I believe that what has happened is a global event and not isolated to the U.S. That being said, I also believe the world's population has been infected and thus effected by the virus. We know from the writers of Fear that we will soon see walkers on planes in an online short story so we can say that it is highly possible that the virus was able to reach other countries. As we have come to learn, the virus is also not spread by the Walkers so much as it it already within us. Whatever airborne pathogen the government released permeated us and now lives within us. The world's population is most like decimated. I am willing to say a maximum of 20% of humanity is still, human. So even if Eugene's cure had been true we simply do not have the number of people needed to transport it to all who could use it. Another issue is that the cure could only help the living. The walkers would still be dead. So even if Rick and the group had a "cure" they would still have to run each and everyday of their lives to ensure survival.

So, in summation, it is inevitable that EVERYONE will eventually die. Of course the story is built around Rick mainly so it is fair to say he would be the last standing of the group. It is also safe to assume that Carl and Judith would be alive with him since he would stop at nothing to assure their safety. After all, they are the only thing keeping Rick sane at this point. (Well, borderline anyway) this is why I believe that Carl would be the 1st of the three to die. He would do so in a final act of defiance to protect his family just as Rick would do because honestly, Carl is just like Rick.

So in the end Rick would have Judith and a firm knowledge that there truly is no hope for survival. The story has been pushing us towards this idea with each death. (moment of silence for Beth) In the end the question is, how many more seasons can a spread out group of writers who typically kill off two characters a season give us quality content without beating a proverbial dead walker? Personally I hope they make it to 10 seasons but I honestly see them only making it to eight. Honestly though, that's a great run for any show. So let me know what you think in the comments and thanks for reading this.


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