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When it comes to television, I am always a sucker for the hype. I keep telling myself not to give in, that just because a show has a huge following doesn't mean I should get into it.

But call me a sheep, because I join the flock faster than you can say "conform"! I did it with Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and even with Attack on Titan—but that last one was inevitable, seeing as how anything described as an anime is automatically going to be in my must-watch list.

But as awesome as those shows are, I'm not obsessed with them. Sure, I'm big fans of all of them, but I'm not constantly thinking about them, and wishing that they'd go on hundreds of years for future generations to enjoy! There's only show I can't go a day without watching; Supernatural.

Perfectly blending horror, comedy and fantasy, Supernatural follows Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who hunt the supernatural—meaning everything from ghosts to demons, to vampires!

Sam and Dean are some of the unluckiest people in the world. Having lost people close to them, and being the subjects of demonic manipulation and DEATH more times than I can count, these two just can't get a break! Luckily, their pain and misery is enjoyable to watch. I could have worded that better...

I first found out about this show from a friend of mine, who insisted that I watch it. Seeing as how I am such a nice person, I said sure, added it to my Netflix queue, and left it in there for months. In fact, the only reason I watched it to begin with, was because it was the first thing listed under 'Because You Watched Doctor Who'. And I love me some Doctor Who!

I didn't know what it had to do with Doctor Who, or if it was related to it in any way, but Supernatural had immediately earned my respect for just being under that recommendation list!

The first thing I did after watching an episode of Supernatural, was immediately start watching another...and another get where I'm going with this. Anyway, after I had binged the whole season in a day, I quickly messaged my friend and apologized for not checking out this amazing show sooner!

She threw some 'I Told You So's' at me, and then we geeked out over it for about an hour. She couldn't really talk about it with me too much, since I hadn't seen as many seasons as her, so I made it a mission to fix that!

Needless to say, my obsession was only beginning. Seasons 1-3 were amazing, but things really got insane when season 4 kicked off! After a certain characters tragic demise, and then happy revival, Supernatural went into a mode that I like to call "Serious Mode"!

You know the one, where a show that seemed to have no real plot suddenly gets a big one, and things just mindblowingly epic! Of course, seasons 1-3 of the show had a plot, and a pretty good one. But 4 was when everything suddenly got serious, incredibly serious!

Angels vs. Demons, ancient prophecies, Misha Collins! If I wasn't before, this season and all seasons to come got me hooked faster than Spongebob and Patrick at the carnival!

Truthfully, it's embarrassing how obsessed I am with this show. The friend that told me about this show isn't as into it as I am! But as incredibly obsessed as I am, I don't plan to stop watching anytime soon!

Season 11 is coming out next month, and you can bet that I'll be tuning in every week to watch the continuing adventures of Sam and Dean (and Castiel)!

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