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Guys, this is literally the best Batman v. Superman fan-made poster EVER!!! All credit goes to Messypandas a deviantart user. I mean this poster looks incredible! Look at the detail of the poster, the godliness of the characters, and Earth's people as they look up to DC's Trinity. This fan-made poster has got me even more hyped for the movie and i don't even know why. Guys imagine a scene like this in the movie..I will be buried six feet under. NOT JOKING!!!! Please guys do me a favor and check this man out, his name is Messypandas and he does work on Deviantart. Let's get this poster trending and HOPEFULLY WB can do something as epic as this poster. I always said that some of these fan made posters are better than the official posters these movie studios be releasing. Once again guys check this incredibly talented man page out, the link will be down below. My mind is blow right now.

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