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Dear VIN,

I love all your movies. Ive seen most of them. Im on your VINBOOK and Facebook pages.

I watch whatever your in.

I was sad to hear how you are dealing with Paul Walkers Death. When you talk about the day you returned to the set of F7 after he died broke my heart. I wish I was there to hold you and give you a sholder to cry on. I pray that someone was there for you on that day. It hard for me to this day since my friend Tommy Lee Scott Died in 1996. I think of him each day. He too died in a car accident. Paul will continue to show up in your life. Im sure you have seen him in little ways. My grandmother loved butterflys. I see them alot more now then before her death.

Now to something less emotional. I know you take fan suggestions. So here I go..With the Fast Saga have you ever thought of having it in the midwest..OK Kansas. Kansas is home of the Jayhawks, Royals, KU, K-state, ESU,etc. Lawrence KS is where The Day After was filmed. It was also my first time to see a real Hollywood Set. My Mom and I walked by it. Topeka is our Capitial City and it hold The NHRA track Hartland Park. It would be a great place to hold a Race Wars . It has open Pit area and a record setting track. If anything you would be in the neighbhood and I could get an autograh Picture of you.

You amaze me how well you act. I know you were a boncer in New York for a time. I use that imagry of you to help with my PTSD. You kick out the bad guys around me and keep me safe. I hope that is ok with you. Your smile is infectous. I carry a picture of you in my bag so i can see you. It helps me get through the day. If I Ever meet you (LOL) i will tell you the reason for my PTSD. Now i sing in my mind See you Again But with your voice. I think that song will play alot for people we miss who have died.

My favorite movies of yours is Chornicles of Riddick. Im never afraid of the dark with Riddick around. XXX. I love the way you kiss in the night club,The Fast Saga..I wish I was Letty. You hold her the way most women want to be held. The Pacifier your just plain funny. I love Groot! I just wish one day we could meet.

Now to my fellow fans. Lets get this to Vin. Ready, set, Go.

I love art as well. This is just one of the pictures I use to inspire me. I hope to inspire others. It evokes emotions. Even in darkness there is great beauty. For Paul Walker.


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