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Albus Dumbledore said to be gay. Which was the shocker at the release of The Half Blood Prince (2009). Many became out raged, some where happy. But, the book series never elaborates on the subject. We do learn that Dumbledore and Grindlewald had a relationship. How deep the relationship went was only implied. It never said they were lovers. Only hinting to the fact they might have been lovers. Many say J.K. Rowling should have let Dumbledore out of the closet sooner. Making him part of the LGBT community.

Truth is that this had no place in the plot. In the book series or movie. The truth of his homosexuality came out. In what was a simple conversation. Screen writer Steve Kloves, had Dumbledore take Harry out of a date opportunity. Where he would tell Harry a story of a girl he was once sweet on. J.K. Rowling, pulled him aside and told him that doesn't work for the character. He responds puzzled and she then tells him flat out. Dumbledore is gay. The part was rewritten, leaving out the mention of a girl.

That is the big mystery behind he reveal of Dumbledore coming out. Nothing more then a simple character trait. That is essential for knowing your character. But, isn't important to the plot. Dumbledore being gay doesn't effect the story one bit. Doesn't change his motivation or the relationship with Harry Potter. It doesn't change his need to help Harry defeat Voldemort.

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