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A few days back Max Landis, director and screen writer sparked a new flame among the fans of MU and DCU when he proposed a way where batman could defeat the "Earth's Mightiest Heroes ", the avengers.

Here's how he said it would go :

Now , many people are disagreeing with it , i mean why not ?

Hulk vs the Batman ? pfft..come on ... a giant green guy fighting a pansy in a batsuit ....??

or maybe Thor vs Batman ....another face-palm !

But what if , he was actually right ?

I mean its a fan theory , so please keep your hatred to yourself and to the Marvel fandom :: Please read and re-read it before you start insulting me , which you DEFINITELY will.

Okay , lets start in the order Landis began :

Hulk vs Batman.

Now , Landis proposed Hulk is vulnerable as Bruce Banner , which he is .

Batman as Bruce Wayne has access to many high level tranquilizers , as Thomas Wayne was a Doctor and one could easily assume that the Wayne industries has a medical division ....a highly functioning one at that.

Now, many of you will pull up the 'Bullet theory' as shown in Avengers , where Banner says "I got low, so I put a bullet and my mouth, and the other guy spit it out" , first thing to remember is that , The Hulk ,existing inside Bruce knows that he was attempting a suicide , and so prepared as such. But he'll be in the dark if Batman suddenly shoots at him .

Again a bullet and a Tranquilizer are very different things , a bullet wounds mortally , but the other thing ... its a drug , all Batman has to do is get the drug inside Banner either through a Dart (unlikely, in my opinion as the needle might break) or a Gas (Much better , i don't think Hulk is the type of guy whou would hold his breath and wait for the little man dressed as Bat to strike,unless its grey Hulk).

One down, six to go.

Iron man vs Batman

Now this is a Fight , both millionaires turned heroes.

Most people assume that , just because iron man has a suit that can fly ,shoot laser from its hands and chest , looks cool ,is defensive ..... okay i'm gonna stop now. Like i was saying , people hold this suit as the sole reason that Iron man would win , others just think that because Tony has Jarvis he is much smarter than batman.

One Answer :: The Batman Insider Suit .

But that's for another time , now as Landis was saying Batman would hack the suit . It isn't impossible , it would take time yes, but possible all the same . Batman is as skilled in coding as Stark is (or so i think) , besides there are many other ways , like silent killing while Stark is drunk and out cold, the house security isn't much of a thing to fret .

There is also the thing about Ego , which Tony has a surplus of , and Ego DOES matter in a straight fight.

And finding Stark's Achilles Heel isn't a very big problem , one can find a way to defeat Iron man by just reading his Wikipedia page ....

Two down : five to go.

Vision vs Batman.

As many might expect , Bats and Vision wouldn't straight go into a dog-fight , Vision is a very wise guy and I'm pretty sure batman would just influence him enough to step down or propose a fight where both can play in equal terms , like a game of chess or a Hobbit board game ....HA HA HA ... sorry , bad joke.

Anyways , i highly doubt that an EMP would be enough , it would slow him down but wouldn't necessarily PUT him down , unless Bats lures him into a chamber full of EMPs that give out an EMP pulse every second. Now that seems plausible.

And in the mean time either rip out the Infinity stone or exchange a conversation again that would compel vision to step down .

And those of you saying that since Vision has life , so he wouldn't be affected by EMP ..... did you forget he's an android ? He's body's still a machine.

Three Down : Four to go

Thor vs Batman.

It has the same vibe as with Superman ,


I wouldn't disagree that Thor is INCREDIBLY powerful ... almost as powerful as superman (Do not start a fight on Thor vs Superman ... i'm warning you ... it wouldn't ever).

But can Batman really take him down ? Landis proposed a Batrang and a Godlike polymer to hold him down . Why not ??

All Batman has to do is take Thor near a Building , distract him with an exploding Batrang and glue it to him with a polymer or any other gluey stuff that is drenched with a sedative. That would put Thor down , For the time being . If situation calls it , Remember Batman has a Yellow ring of Fear , that he kept as a counter-measure against Green lantern.

Either that or batman could use the elementary school way : Go to Odin , who being much wiser than Thor would listen to him, and peruse him to ground the God of Thunder . Now that would be funny ...

Four Down : Three to go.

Hawkeye and Black Widow vs Batman .

Now you have to agree that this isn't much of a Fight, i mean yea they are good and well skilled , but Batman has faced the world in a much harsher tone .

He took down Bane , Clayface and many more heavyweights . An aphrodisiac woman along with a Bow-man isn't much of a challenge. i maybe High-balling here ... but still i don't see any way where Batman Would loose. He took down the entire Court of Owls , who were much more skilled assassins along with regeneration.

Its Bats hands down.

Six down : One to go.

Captain America vs Batman

Its basically like a Ninja vs Samurai .

Captain has the edge with his Vibranium Shield (did i spell it right ?), but batman uses tricks too.

Captain fights wars , big ones at that , and Batman fights battles.

One uses hope and loyalty the other uses fear and rebellion.

Anyways , its still a Debatable issue and always will be . Unless you find out the stronger between a ninja and a samurai , it'll go on and on and on . This is a topic i'm not confident with .

I'll go with a draw. As i look up to Captain America , more than the other avengers.

Thank you for reading .


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