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Rated R

Hi this is my first post ever so I am going to start off with a movie i just saw and that movie is American Ultra starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. The movie is about a guy, Mike Howell (Jesse Eisenberg), who is afraid of everything and can hardly function without his girlfriend, Phoebe, (Kristen Stewart). Mike howell is a stoner and an unknowingly, CIA Agent who becomes the target of extermination by his creators. But his skills are far too high for them as he decides to take down each assassin, with the help of Phoebe, while trapped in his Small town in Virginia. It got a 6.4 on IMDB and 50% for Metascore, but I believe it should have scored higher. A lot of readers are under the impression that it is just a stoner movie, but while it dose have drugs, thats not what it's about. Its about guy who over comes his fears and anxiety to protect his girlfriend who loves with everything he has. The movie is alsobreally funny it made me choke on my drink a few times. There is a lot of blood and gore in the movie but it takes it to a more sarcastic level if anything. I thought the movie was amazing and used the tactic, "ANYTHING can be used as a weapon, even cupped noodles ." I give it a 7.3


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