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Who Killed Mr. and Mrs. Wayne?

Over the years many of us Batman fans have thought about it, who is the murderer and will there ever be justice? Surely it was not a mugging, cash and jewelry was still on the mysterious parents, and why wasn’t Bruce murdered along with them? Hopefully this might enlighten you or could just bring more questions to the surface. Well after a long consideration I think I may have narrowed it down to just three. Yes, you read that right THREE suspects (Take that Gordon)! The Joker, Two-face (Harvey Dent) Family and Kingpin, Oh I am sure I will never hear the end of this, but please hear me out. This has taken many years to think of, countless movie hours, and millions of other fan theories. So just bear with me.

The Joker:

No one, not even the Joker knows his true origin, yes there are hints; but trying to understand him drove Harleen Frances Quinzel (Harley Quinn) crazy. But there are some fans who believe that Bruce was not an only child, and that the Joker is Batman’s older brother. After becoming pregnant with Bruce, Martha had told “Jack” that he was going to be a big brother; already suffering from a mental disability “Jack” attacked Martha causing Thomas to send “Jack” away. After nine years locked away and forgotten about in the asylum, “Jack” escaped. Returned home, only to find an empty house, he then searched for his family only to find them showering Bruce with love and affection. “Jack” became furious and stole a gun from a local thug, finding his parents in a dark alley he then shot and killed his parents, leaving Bruce to suffer the rest of his life without his parents just as “Jack” had for nine years.

Plausible, but there are many plot holes that can’t be answered.

Two- Face (Harvey Dent) Family:

We all know how Harvey became Two- Face, but do we know how his parents paid for his schooling? Not really, that is where this theory comes into play; some fans believe that The Dent’s was the Wayne’s rival company. The Dent’s falling behind and on the verge of bankruptcy sought out the Wayne’s and “knocked” them out of the business. Thinking that with Thomas and Martha out of the way and Bruce too young to take over the business that they would be able to take over the market; little did they know that Alfred would become Bruce’s caretaker and guardian, and in thus taking over the company until Bruce became of age. So Martha and Thomas died in vain.

And now the top Villain who has been in almost every comic book world; from Daredevil to Spiderman, he has also been found in Gotham. Kingpin;


Kingpin is known as a crime overlord. He has been in many DC/Marvel crossovers. But back to my point, Kingpin is not one to play fair or not like it if he doesn’t get his way. Wayne Enterprise could have easily horned in on Wilson Fisk’s operation, after all Kingpin must have a cover so the cops don’t figure him out to being a crime overlord. If Wayne Enterprise was taking business away from Fisk, he could have easily put a hit out on Thomas and Martha. Fisk not knowing that they have a young child or as normal he just didn’t care. After a common thug on Kingpin’s payroll shot and killed The Wayne’s you see (in many versions) a rose. Which has been come a calling card if you will. Almost every time you see Kingpin in comics, movies, and, or cartoons he has a single red rose on his lapel, he also left one for Daredevil’s father and Elektra’s father (Daredevil® movie).

Who do you think murdered Mr. and Mrs. Wayne? “Jack” the Joker? The Dent’s? Or Kingpin? Got someone else in mind? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for listening to my rambles and crazy theories!


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